10 things I learned from my mother

When we were two rebellious teenage girls we used to listen to our mothers, but never actually understood their advices. Now after so many years all we can say is 'Thank you, Mum!' We wouldn't be what we are today without you, without your continuous support and love. And today on the 1st day of spring we wanna share with you, our beloved readers, the best 10 things we learned from our mothers:


Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini



Happy to be back for Milan Fashion Week! We've started the day with feetings at Alberta Ferretti & Vivetta and continued our day with Alberta Feretti show and a visit to one of the most creative young designers, the one who is in charge of Giannico shoes - perfumed, magic shoes! A full week is waiting for us, so stay tuned to find out more!


50 shades of red

Even if we talk about love, passion or love affairs, red is the color that marks them all. While thinking about love and relationships between men and women we have decided to create a list to help us (and you of course) to figure out which are the advantages and disadvantages of relationships vs love affairs. You all have dreamed about at least once to consume a passionate affair or to meet the love of your life, but we bet you never made a pro and cons list just to help yourself to decided what fits you best.


Tommy Hilfiger Collection Fall 2015

We missed New York Fashion Week this season because we are not big fans of winter and sandals in the snow, but we are continuous updated by our friends. And when we received the Tommy Hilfiger news we instantly fell in love with the collection. Enjoy it sweethearts! It's awesome! An American love story!


10 things we learned from our boyfriends

10 things we learned from our boyfriends
1. No matter how many Agent Provocateur items I'd wear, it's always better without them. To quote him: 'It's a pointless acquisition and the better part is always beneath them'


Have fun being a snob

the double inclination to ape one’s superiors, often through vulgar ostentation, and to be proud and insolent with one’s inferiors. Also called snobbery. — snob, n. — snobby, snobbish, adj.


QuickLOVE & a QuickCONTEST

Are you ready for Valentine's Day?! These days we are totally into love and we say it out loud. And because love is not about us, but mostly about the ones we love we are already thinking about gifts for our men. And as we know, they love gadgets as much as we do. But sometimes we need a good adviser and a bunch of possibilities to find the right gift. Thank God we have QuickMobile which has the answers for all our questions.


Mister&Miss Fabulous

Love month is here and we have a special surprise for you! The Miss & Mister Fabulous t-shirts for you and your half. But before clicking and buying them from www.divacharms.com you have to take a quick test. If you answer 90% of the question with YES (we didn't say it's a simple quiz) you can go and buy the tees for Valentine's Day.


A dinner with a view

Being in Florence was a dream came true. After 1 year from our first visit, we have been invited to Firenze4Ever Party and a fabulous dinner with Tia Maria. There's nothing like a three days vacation in one of our favorite cities in the world. 2015 couldn’t have started better. And because there is always something fantastic to experience, this time our schedule was filled with less touristic activities.


Morning Stroll

Whoever said that shoe love is true love was totally right. If we are talking about shoes and choosing wisely the right pair for our style it is first of all a matter of style and then a matter of comfort. We've always been fascinated by sandals and no matter what happened, and here we talk even about weather phenomena as snow, rain or ice, we always followed the little voice in our heads that constantly whispered: Wear them at all costs. We never abandoned our beloved (of course we exaggerate a little bit)  till we found these two black comfy beauties that make you look effortlessly cool. So as you can see these boots from SIV Milano were more than perfect for a sunny morning and a stroll  through the aisles of the market.


Always on time

The last couple of days have been filled with really cool moments and yesterday we arrived back home from Florence were we had a blast - dinners, parties and some quick coffee breaks with some old friends. We always try to post during our trips, but to be honest, no matter when we travel we hardly make time even to change our outfits, so here we are, back to the office sharing with you (with a short delay) our Daniel Wellington photo shoot and announcing that you can use 'FABULOUS' code to get a pretty discount on their website on every acquisition you make.


We start 2015...

We didn't have the chance to wish you a Happy New Year, to you, those who don't follow yet our instagram accounts (fabmuse_alina & fabmuse_diana), so we do it now. We wish you a new year full of peace, love and laughter and we hope that we'll have you by our side in 2015, because what would be this blog without you, our beloved readers. We started this year in a calm atmosphere with the ones we love and for the beginning of this month we thought that it is time to show you this photo shoot we took just to celebrate our collaboration with CHANEL.


Pentru ca PopCraciun

Nu stim daca te numeri sau nu printre cinefili, dar suntem convinse ca iti place sa mergi la film, asa-i? Pentru noi filmele sunt cea mai buna metoda de relaxare si intr-adevar experienta din cinematograf nu se compara cu absolut nimic. Anul trecut am ales ca intre Craciun si Revelion sa facem un maraton de filme la CinemaCity si am vazut mai mult de cinci filme la rand. Pauza de masa nu am mai facut pentru ca popcornul a venit la fix. A fost absolut genial si abia asteptam sa repetam experienta, de aceasta data cu si mai mult POPCORN. Zilele aceastea cum am vazut aplicatia CinemaCity PopCraciun am fost in extaz! Iti recomandam sa te inscrii si sa te relaxezi ALTFEL in aceastea vacanta de iarna!


Happy Holidays!

Hello, sugar cubes! Probably you are already on holiday, on your way to your parents house or still doing some shopping (good luck if the third option suits you). We are still at the office trying to finish the last details for the posts that will be publish on the blog this week, but still dreaming of hot chocolates, family time, warm blankets and Christmas cakes. Today we just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! And don't forget that today is the last day when you can subscribe for the last three contests we published last week.


The Christmas Sweater

This is the perfect time to talk to you guys about the importance of having a Christmas sweater in your wardrobe! A reindeer, a snow man and a Santa inspired outfit will instantly go out of style after 27th December, but we believe that we should all take advantage of this holiday and have fun. You can have a casual look if your wear them with jeans or you can be incredibly sophisticated if you match a Christmas sweater with a lace skirt or with a brocard pair of pants. Either way you will look fabulous! We found these two pretty items on www.stilago.ro where we also found our New Year's Eve party dresses. Just check it out!


Cool down before Christmas

Still at the office with your thoughts spinning out of control? Still thinking about how to/ what to/ to do lists? Take a deep breath and organize your thoughts. It's not as bad as it seems. It's just Christmas and as you know, the most important thing is to spend your time with the ones you love. So what you don't have all the presents yet, so what you couldn't find any hairstylist available for you these days, so what your house is still a mess. Just choose your thoughts instead of letting them run. We always cool down with a big cup of coffee and some last minute shopping. And we advise you to do the same. You can start this practice with www.stilago.ro. Have fun!