ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: Chanel, Givenchy, Mirrors & shabby details

 Chanel, Givenchy, mirrors & shabby details...
Marche aux Puces

We have to admit we had a very challenging morning towards this marvelous antiques&vintage market, but also a very pleasant surprise when we finally got there.

It wasn't like an absolutely fabulous fair, with hundreds of people and bustle and hustle, but it was a great experience. 

We felt like we stepped into 19th century small village with vintage furniture, details, frames, mirrors, clothes and accesories. 
We stopped at almost every Balmain and YSL piece and made a little review about it :) 
We were in HEAVEN!

 In the left...Dior earrings, in the right...Chanel bags and beautiful classic Givenchy, in front...two shabby chic decorated rooms, in the back... a saleslady of almost 80 years old wearing a very hippie outfit, smoking her pipe like a queen...Such a divine scenery and such a short day for this story of Marche aux Puces.

So girls, if you decide to visit Paris one more time...don't forget to try the beautiful world of vintage & antiques...
Marche au Puces!



ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: ReDiscover the last issues of Asolutely Fabulous Magazine

For a relaxing Sunday...
Read or Reread the www.absolutelyfabulous.ro


ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: Green sunny day & fabulous sun beams

Blonde Lady & the Leopard Tramp

Now on theaters the Walt Disney characters reinvented, walking down the streets or just the two of us enjoying a divine warm day and the colorful sun beams...
While Leopard is dreaming about the wild Paris, the lady is relaxing taking a sun bath in front of the Orsay Museum...and that's all...how Miranda would say.
Voila les photos!


ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: Les fabuleux macarons Ladurée


We all love macarons. Red, green, pink...it doesn't matter.
Even Blair Waldorf loves and worships them and that's BIG, not Carrie's Big, but BIG.

And Ladurée are the best in the world and not because they taste like nothing else, but because of all the little details like the logo, the little boxes, the bags and the colorfull ribbons. 

The fonder, Louis-Ernest Ladurée founded the bakery on the Rue Royale, Paris in 1862. 

Ladurée's rise to fame came in 1930 when his grandson, Pierre Desfontaines, had the original idea of the double-decker, sticking two macaron shells together with a creamyganache as filling. Queen Catherine de' Medici had brought the macaron to France from Italy in the 16th century, and the recipe for the biscuit had hardly varied over the years, but the amounts of the ingredients used and the appearance of the end product were up to the individual bakers.

And to see one more time why the ladies are so in love with Ladurée you have to know that in those days ladies were not admitted to cafés, which were the exclusive domain of men. This was a big success with ladies, who enjoyed meeting in the freedom of a tearoom rather than their homes.

So girls... we had Ladurée in Paris...every single f*ing day.
And it was fabulous....Just us two, tea and lots of colorfull macarons.


ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: From Paris with Love

 From Paris with Love

After a too short holiday in Paris...sorrounded with love, macarons, sun beams, roses, diamonds & vintage fairs...we are back in Bucharest just to wish you Happy Valentine's Day, girls!



ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: After an absolutely fabulous day

The morning after an amazing day 
at Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair


Just us 2, tired after a long day spent at the 6th edition of our fashion&vintage fair with our friends & our devoted visitors, looking just for a lazy day, a good movie, coffee&tea, croissant&bread with butter and plans for our short trip in Paris.

Lots of carbs you might be thinking, but such a lovely feeling after eating up all these goodies&looking up for the best photos from the fair.

We thank you so much for your visit, your feed-back and all the good thoughts and we hope that you'll enjoy every single photo from the Ab Fab Fair. ( we will post the photos tomorrow)

Lots of kisses


ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: Fabulous Gossip Girl

                               A glass of wine & Gossip Girl reloaded
after a hard working week

Already Friday evening.

And the old, chummy glass of red wine...the golden hearted necklace...the hearted bag....the two well known geek eyeglasses...the Paris vs. Barca journals...left on the desk and now just enjoying the last few episodes of our love...Gossip Girl.

Just a short break before going home and preparing a fabulous dinner party and...
a quite chic late breakfast for tomorrow.

Have a fabulous Friday night, girls!
Fab Girl


ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: From Bucharest to Paris

 Paris fabulous in love
in Marais

Oh yes! Dream came true!

Dream? Dream = Us 2 in Paris. A fabulous gift from a couple of fabulous friends and we can't wait to get there.

It happened in a Saturday morning - after a quite impressive private party where we have been invited to - when we woke up, prepared two cups of black tea and checked our email. Basic habbits.

And what we had there. The amazing news that we were invited to spend five beautiful days in Paris, in a gorgeous boutique hotel in Marais. And that was it. Glad, happy, delighted? No, we were simply HYSTERICAL! 

Our everyday work, inspiration sources, dinners, partys, events & homes are all about Paris - Paris notebooks, photos, jewelery, pillows, desks, fragrances, clothes...

And now, after so many holidays spent in this wonderful city by ourselves...now we are going together.

So girls, after Absolutey Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair, we are leaving Bucharest for Paris!