ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: Fabulous Gossip Girl

                               A glass of wine & Gossip Girl reloaded
after a hard working week

Already Friday evening.

And the old, chummy glass of red wine...the golden hearted necklace...the hearted bag....the two well known geek eyeglasses...the Paris vs. Barca journals...left on the desk and now just enjoying the last few episodes of our love...Gossip Girl.

Just a short break before going home and preparing a fabulous dinner party and...
a quite chic late breakfast for tomorrow.

Have a fabulous Friday night, girls!
Fab Girl



Ana said...

you're indeed fabulous my little friends :***

Freast said...

Thank you for the email, your blog is so beautiful. We tried to prepare a dinner party once and we burnt the food and ourselves.

Would love to do an exchange!

Freast xxx

I heart said...

i would like to be one of your friends :)

Julia Janku said...

i guess after a hard day at work/school, a girl would like to snuggle in her cosy bed, watching reruns of gossip girl and thinking about nothing else but a fabulous world...
before she falls asleep to wake up again in the real world, the one she has to work hard so she can make it fabulous, all by her self.
let`s make the world fabulous ! ;)