20.03.2010 - Personal Diary of Brunette Half of Ab Fab

After a long week without our beloved crazy blonde girl, Sunday  I succeeded in convincing her to get out of the house. In fact it wasn't me, but a very old friend of ours: Scrabble. We both love Scrabble and we play it since we were just two little girls and it seems we still find it exciting!

To return to my precious blondie...She was still pretty ill, but she was an appearance as usual: black velvet baggy pants, golden flats, fuchsia lipstick & statement gold earrings, ready for a rose wine glass & butter biscuits and amazingly for a reasearch about the history of Scrabble.

21.03.2010 - Personal Diary of complete Ab Fab Team

How the comeback ended?!

The brunette half of Ab Fab looking for tickets for our future holiday in Amman and dreaming about sunny days&DJs, and the blonde one talking about how Scrabble, the "to scratch frantically", is a trademark of Hasbro.Inc. in U.S.A and Canada, sold in 121 countries in 29 different lanaguage versions. 

And now...Monday 21st we are back in business!
Have a fabulous week, girls!

Lots of kisses



Alin said...

Who won?? :D Fabulous Girls playing hard... Coool!

Kiki's Book of Dreams said...

Great post and pics too!Like always I love your outfits and the green headband it's really cool! Hope she'll get better soon!
xoxo Kiki

De Vero said...

Those pants in cerise color are cool! Great pictures ;)


Estefanía said...

beautiful pics!!!

I follow you, great blog ;)


Anonymous said...

i miss the time i was playing scrabble...and now i'm so in the mood for it! thnk you girls! you're ab fab indeed!