ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: Magic in a shoe

Magic in a shoe*

Sometimes it's pretty hard to walk in a single woman shoes and even in a married or in a relationship woman ones...and that's why you sometimes need really special shoes to wear...and that only if you are convinced that you deserve to be more than fabulous and give you another chance to rediscover the fairy in you.

After a challenging week, various meetings, new projects on the fire, we have decided that we really need a fairy like day, in fairy like outfits matched with fairy like shoes with our fairy like friends, just sipping some tea, having a small talk - here and there kinky fairy like :), playing with the new [HEART] by Eugenia Enciu items and discover the new IL PASSO spring/summer collection.

If you were asking youselves if we became again the victims of shopaholism (turned on in the AbFab team by the blonde half :P) we simply did not.

It was Sunday morning when two pairs of wonderful shoes were waiting for us in front of the door...a pair of flats and a pair of white&beige pumps which absolutely made our fairy like outfits look marvelous.

Beside the challenge of IL PASSO project which meant to show the versatility of the S/S collection, initiative which surprised us in a very pleasent way, we were honored to be one of the bloggers chosen to wear and reinvent the S/S shoes in our own manner. (the other blogs: Ana-Maria Morodan: http://www.highstreetcardigans.com/, Ioana Gheorghe:http://www.fashezine.com/ and  Iulia Burtea: http://www.dreamsize.ro)

Girls, you know it's not a myth, shoes can be pure MAGIC!



Ioana Liliana said...

Beautiful and dreamy! Two real life fairies ♥ !


Estefanía said...

Beautigul looks and colours!! ^^

xx from Spain



Anonymous said...

You look like white cotton candies, fireflies and bed time stories.

Kiki's Book of Dreams said...

You look so fashionable and adorable in those dresses! Oh everything in this post is fab! The earrings are sooo cute
xoxoxo Kiki

SoooFasionable said...

Cerceii sunt ff frumosi!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog&i am absolutely amazed by your style, the txts&everything about the magazine&all. Congratz!

AB FAB Team said...
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AB FAB Team said...

Thank you so so much, girls:* <3

Fashion Ranger said...

These are very good shots, im impressed. I especially love the shot of the boots with the necklace! I love your work and you magazine.

Love from Sweden,

AB FAB Team said...

Thank you so much, Jocob!!!!<3

Anonymous said...

Love the cat eye glasses! too cute!

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Empress <3