ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: two destinations, one story, the same sun

Two destinations, two stories in the same day

What happens when we are apart, beside the fact that we miss each other?

We simply split our way...the blonde half goes to her grandma to make her a surprise for her b*day, drinks coffee and reels memories and funny stories while the brunette is dropped on by a good friend living the so common drama of women and goes to the seaside to enjoy the sun and loose her platforms in the magical sand.

Sunday 8.00 am. 

Young lady in from of my door. Ring bell ON. Hysterical moment. Drama queen story. The Queen needs a moment of freedom and wants to go to the seaside. Friend in need. Brunette calls the other brunette, the Hight Street Cardigans one and commands her to be ready in 20 minutes or less. On the highway (not to heaven, but to a peaceful place for not so peaceful characters). Four hours on the beach, 800 photos, only 6 absolutely fabulous for the high flier brunette. Two hour lunch: sea food, wine, carrot soup and a perfect communist Amandina. Back in Bucharest, three calm spirits, Feist on the radio, no words, just thoughts, ready for party. Brunette crying for the lost pair of platforms. The sun rising. A new day.

9.30 am

Two good friends, a car and one way to Targu-Mures. Love doing surprises. Grandma and her birthday for her 83 beautiful years. A Saturday morning for buying presents: a parfume (she is still very cool and fabulous) and some natural-bio cosmetics. One hour later
Ring bell ON. Hysterical moment. Grandma was shocked! Mission accomplished. She was very happy. Stories and good food, pictures, old times...like we always do..then sleep and some tv..and tea...lots of tea. Chill and relax. SUNDAY...Get ready for a party with cake and all the rest. With all the family. Fabulous time with my people...And then return to Bucharest...That's all folks!

 Brunette&Blondie kisses ya, girls!

Stay tuned for a NY vs London post, next week!



modniza said...

aha,am inteles,ati fost cu Ana la mare!superbe fotografii!fabulous girls!

AurėjaFėja said...

Absolutely fabulous looks! :) Love this blog!


Opposite lipstick said...

love it!


Dirty Hair Halo said...

gorgeous photos!

Dirty Hair Halo

De Vero said...

Superbe aceste fotografi! Fusta este extraordinara!


*chameleon* said...

well i like the same sun and the both looks,i can not decide!:))) lovely looks,style and blog ladies!:)
u have a new follower from now who is waiting for the new stylish stories!:)

meelusha said...

great post si super poze :) I go with the brunette this time :)

Anonymous said...

I love this post, great pictures.


Ioana Liliana said...

Two great ladies :) You tell me what can be more fab than this?!


Cristina Feather said...

Minunate poze la mare, Diana! ma repet... dar PARUL ALA!!!!!!
Si foarte frumoasa povestea, Alina!
Love this post!!!

Anonymous said...

you are an inspiration! and it seems you are simply fabulous indeed.

cristina petre said...

gorgeous photos;)

Anonymous said...

love the leopard long skirt with the sweater