ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: Have an ab fab Monday morning!

Fab monings last forever

Mornings and breakfast are more than early hours hard to handle...

For us the morning is the precious moment when we realise in a peaceful atmosphere what we have...

We have each other, in a honest and sometimes crazy, incomprehensible manner, 
and that is a magical start of a day. 

There's more behind  a cup of coffee and a butter croissant, a photo, a smile and marshmallows.

There is love, commitment and an exquisite relationship called friendship. 
Hard to find, hard to manage and even harder to hold and to cherish.

Have an ab fab morning!



Deea said...

fab morning indeed!

Eranda J said...

hard to keep a friendship&even harder to have a real&honest one. you two are lucky ones.

Anonymous said...

The sun, the sea, the sun, THE YOU. Wish i could've been there...

Estefanía said...

yeees fabulous style and breakfast!!

xx from Spain



Fashion Ranger said...

I loved this. :)

Kisses from Sweden,

Victoria said...

Lovely girls and fab breakfast!Loving the photos you all look so happy.:)