ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: Absolutely Fabulous Magazine - SUMMER Edition

Celebrating 1 Year of Absolutely Fabulous Magazine
SUMMER Edition 

Today is the day we launch the summer edition of our 
and also the day we go "surfing" in a short holiday.

Once again we had a lovely team who helped us to shape this magazine created for young, stylish and confident people, a magazine which supports young designers&artists from Romania and also world wide. 

Offering everything from lifestyle, free time, fashion and beauty, there's a little something for everyone.

Absolutely Fabulous Magazine has a feminine, but edgy quirkiness that will make you want to keep flicking through, discovering new talents, hidden treasures and classic gems that we want to let everyone know about.

We really hope that you'll enjoy it and devour it from the first page to the last one. 
(For Full Page view Double Click on it)

And in the end we thank to our beloved Matei Stoicovici&Marius Tatu,
Teodora Mocanu, Ruxandra Melinte, Ioana Gheorghe, Suzana Visan, Silvia Cimpeanu, 
Andreea Retinschi, Claudiu Gilmeanu, Miruna Tanase, Alin Ene, Paulina Budulmea, Diana Ionescu,
Carlos Teixeira and Ale K Sandra Piturlea.

We kiss you ALL
& now we hit the road


ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: Giveaway for fab girls

Small, red&fab  
& after...Holiday in Spain

After a short, pink & healthy/non-healthy breakfast & a book shopping session we have decided our furture future...

...a holiday with a couple of beloved, talented and amazing girlfriends, a few beautiful days in Valencia&Madrid, lots of photos & crazy videos, lots of sangria & explosive, electrical moments, all color flash lomo snaphots of our crazy life.

And because we'll certainly need to store all the data from our foto&video camera we also found 
a "very small and slim enough to fit anywhere" USB & also our GIVEAWAY PRIZE
-  the Kingston's new DataTraveler® 108 USB Flash.

To win one of the five fab Kingston DataTraveler USB  8 GB just:

1. Follow us ( on Google friend)
2. Answer with a comment to this question 
" What do you usually store on your holiday USB?"
3. Blog or tweet (optional) about this giveaway
The giveaway will be open for two weeks, until the 4th of August.
And the winners will be sorted out randomly. 



Summer time in Miami...
oh sorry...Mamaia

Lately we frequently hum a very positive and popular song used in European commercials and television shows - Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks & it's whistle "instrument"...

...and every time we hear it we promise to ourselves to listen&sing it on a future road trip to the seaside...and finally we carried out our promise...

Destination: Mamaia / 
Temperature: 36 degrees / 
Music: Peter, Bjorn & John 
Food: Ice cream /
Secret ingredient: Cabrio Magic

And now...girls...

If i told you things i did before
told you how i used to be
would you go along with someone like me
if you knew my story word for word
had all of my history
would you go along with someone like me

and we don't care about the young folks
talkin' 'bout the young style
and we don't care about the old folks
talkin' 'bout the old style too
and we don't care about their own faults
talkin' 'bout our own style
all we care 'bout is talking
talking only me and you


ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: Fashion, tea & harmony

 Heaven in the afternoon

Recipe for heavenly*fab moments

1. Take two people with common interests.

2. Mix together with love and understanding.

3. Stir in a sense of humor and a lot of compassion.

4.Choose two fashion books & a really fab teahouse.

5. Order fruit ice cream, hot tea & ice tea.

6. Sprinkle some glitter & magic.

7. Bake for a lifetime...and enjoy the fruits of your labor knowing that
    you both have made a remarkable concoction that will last forever! 

We have followed all these steps, learned a lot of "cooking" tricks, we skimmed more than 500 pages of fashion history & had one of the most chilly&cheesy afternoons. 

Take a shot and you won't regret!

If you really want to discover this lovely place, hidden in the middle of the city, in a very small&quiet park, just search for Infinitea - a small heaven for bohemians.


ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: absolutely in [heart]

how to make gifs
absolutely in [HEART] 

If you consider yourself a bold, contemporary, chic girl, who wants to embrace a different and a more vanguardist style, willing to leave behind the preconceptions...
...you now have the chance to be wild&beautiful, playful&sexy and be absolutely in love.

This summer is all about customized issues and this is what we choose for crazy nights out in the city, chic private cocktail parties & bohemian french breakfast.
This summer is all about the [HEART] collection by Eugenia Enciu.

The girl who enjoys both a quiet urban stroll, or an afternoon-out with friends in fashionable cafes, who loves having a good time at indie rock concerts or in night clubs, who embraces differences and wants to be a part of them, wears [HEART].

We also have a crush on it and that's why we suggest you to be both silly and seductive while
wearing a [HEART] t-shirt, a dress, a pair of leopard pattern shorts or a slim nude skirt or lace bra.

Check out the [HEART] and don't forget to be absolutely in [LOVE] this summer&customize your wardrobe with hearts. (www.eugeniaenciu.ro)



Summer Break with fab friends

If you ever felt like leaving everything behind and just take the first flight to BCN for a few days of unconditioned love&fun...you will understand us and our short trip to our beloved Ade Lina& Ale K Sandra.

We felt like we were 6 years old again, we laughed like we haven't done it since we were teenagers and we enjoyed Tibidabo Amusement Park like no other park we have visited before.

The oldest in Barcelona, the park retains most of the original rides at more than 500 m high, the highest point of the Collserola mountain range.  This makes the mountain, also known as the Magic Mountain/ Fab Mountain for us, one of the most amazing lookout points, from where you can see the splendor of the whole city and enjoy the beauty of the sea beyond.

For us it was more than  fabulous to spend a whole day with our lovely friends, drinking coffee&coke, eating junk food for lunch and raw food for dinner, enjoying the rides and attractions, taking, as usual, too many photos & recharge our batteries for a new week.

It was simply Tibidabouslicious!

Lots of kisses