ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: Fashion, tea & harmony

 Heaven in the afternoon

Recipe for heavenly*fab moments

1. Take two people with common interests.

2. Mix together with love and understanding.

3. Stir in a sense of humor and a lot of compassion.

4.Choose two fashion books & a really fab teahouse.

5. Order fruit ice cream, hot tea & ice tea.

6. Sprinkle some glitter & magic.

7. Bake for a lifetime...and enjoy the fruits of your labor knowing that
    you both have made a remarkable concoction that will last forever! 

We have followed all these steps, learned a lot of "cooking" tricks, we skimmed more than 500 pages of fashion history & had one of the most chilly&cheesy afternoons. 

Take a shot and you won't regret!

If you really want to discover this lovely place, hidden in the middle of the city, in a very small&quiet park, just search for Infinitea - a small heaven for bohemians.



Inge said...

are those Ikea cinnamon and orange cookies? lovely!

Fashionthroughtravel said...

The photos are amazing! Great mixes of patterns and colors!
Love the teahouse.


LV said...

This is so FABULOUS! You look amazing. I love your pop of red. The tea and delectable look amazing too!
I love the tradition of high tea in the afternoon.


bonnsai said...

it's never gonna be an end!

Anonymous said...

the pictures are indeed fabulous! I especially like the collage ones, such great mix of beautiful things!

Baby Budget Blog said...

Just awesome! You captured tea time perfectly!!


Domnisoara Babacilu said...

pure love : )

Alessandra Mazzini said...

I really loved those pictures, nice colors and elements :)


Anne Mary said...

I've already seen your blog!
so cute!!


Beatrice Balaj said...

I love all of the photos! Everything looks amazing!!
Great blog. Now following! Hope you can also return the favor if my blog inspires you. :)



Bella said...

Beautiful! :)
I love your blog and nominated it for the One lovely Blog Award! check out my blog and do the same for 16 other bloggers out there you like! CONGRATS!! http://bellasstyle.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

amazing blog !!! so many inspirations :)
I follow !
kiss :)

Bianca S. Steckelmacher said...

love the pics! so inspiring!! :)

www.fluorescent-naive.blogspot.com xx

Sonia A. said...

it s not about fashion here...your lifestyle is simply deliciously fashionable.

Betty said...

do you live in the real estate heaven girls and you are surrounded only by fab locations?:))