ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: Giveaway for fab girls

Small, red&fab  
& after...Holiday in Spain

After a short, pink & healthy/non-healthy breakfast & a book shopping session we have decided our furture future...

...a holiday with a couple of beloved, talented and amazing girlfriends, a few beautiful days in Valencia&Madrid, lots of photos & crazy videos, lots of sangria & explosive, electrical moments, all color flash lomo snaphots of our crazy life.

And because we'll certainly need to store all the data from our foto&video camera we also found 
a "very small and slim enough to fit anywhere" USB & also our GIVEAWAY PRIZE
-  the Kingston's new DataTraveler® 108 USB Flash.

To win one of the five fab Kingston DataTraveler USB  8 GB just:

1. Follow us ( on Google friend)
2. Answer with a comment to this question 
" What do you usually store on your holiday USB?"
3. Blog or tweet (optional) about this giveaway
The giveaway will be open for two weeks, until the 4th of August.
And the winners will be sorted out randomly. 



RM said...


I wouls store all the stores around the area I go, names, addreses, directions(in case i wear too much "rose" on borad), massage sallons(served by chilled ladies), golf courts(mandatory to escape from the wife,mistress, girlfriend, for some hours in order to keep the relationship mistical and balanced), car rental and restaurants with exit on the beach, close and isolated forests, beaches with free cocktail on arrival, night bars and.....finally the address of my house in case i do not remember it at the returning.

I really like Kingston....so Kingston for THE KING.....doesn't sound winning?:)

mocanu said...

I would store sweet memories with wonderful friends to inspire me in every step I take:)


Bonnssai said...

2GB fo my music
6GB of uncensored snapshots ever made..only snapshots are allowed :)

Alina said...

I store the sun, my friends and sweet memories.
I follow GFC: Alina Petre

ManuelaS said...

If is a fab USB that will go great for storing the absolutely fabulous moments of my holiday, all that a human mind can miss with time...silly pictures with friends, stunning places i have been in, new food experiences, ...all those moments that with time will become priceless!

<3 <3 <3

Lets stay great and absolutely fabulous!xo

bubu said...

I usually store on my holiday usb the phothos and the videos that I've made.
GFC account: toothy_cf

Kiki's Book of Dreams said...

Blog Award for you:
xoxo Kiki

Condeera said...

I try to capture lots of images of breathtaking landscape, scenery, architecture and interesting people.

Sunshine Sarah said...

What else but a lot of vacation pics and funny videos with my friends?! :D
And, eventually, some interesting pdf books and chill music.

carmen said...

fabulous moments ...

xoxo keep up the good work!

Alexandra. said...

GFC: Alexandra Simon
I usually store on my holiday USB music and my favourite tv show.

Tweeted here: http://twitter.com/#!/Alecu9/status/95432133962764288


Ioana said...

happy flash back engage button :)

andra b said...

i`m planning a trip to dubai this winter, hopefully i`ll win the usb flash so i can store all the fab memories, snaps and videos that i`m madly craving for :)

gfc: baccy andra

daniela said...

I ussualy store pictures,music and some movies!Good luck ;))

Alexandra. said...

Hey! :)
Who won this awesome GA? <3

MgD said...

Pictures, music and maps!!! :D