ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: fairy H&M showroom

The dreamland of every girl

Have you ever had a dream that came true when you expected less?

Yesterday we have been invited to visit the H&M showroom.
It was a pretty dull day, brightened up easily by a fabulous friend and host, Diana,
an amazing cappucinno and yummylicious items from spring/summer H&M 2012 collection.

It was heaven on earth. We couldn’t imagine that the showroom is so cool and fancy.

Fortunately or unfortunately the showroom isn't dedicated to everybody, but only for press and celebrities.The products that are displayed are not yet on the market so we were extremely happy when Diana gave us gifts from the future collection.

We received two heart shaped bags, a red coat that you will be able to find in stores in October and a dark grey one that you will be able to buy very soon, at the end of September.

Because we are absolutely in love with our new 40s coats by H&M, we will dedicate a new post next week to this fab items.

Stay tuned and find out more about the new 
H&M and Absolutely Fabulous collaboration.




Bianca S. Steckelmacher said...

amazing clothes I see here! ;) xx

Laurie said...

lucky you. can't wait to see the next post! :) xx

Jacob H. said...

Is it hard to live&work like that? Is it? Is it?:))

Kisses girls&keep up the good work!

Melanie said...

It looks very cool, a high quality H&M! I want soooooome.

Anonymous said...

awesome! they're just opening in cluj next week!

Trivia said...

great room and decoration. the clothes are amazing :) love those shoes* lucky girls

roxi said...

superb!!!! u lucky girls!!! :XX

Sharon said...

So lucky! i can't believe you got to visit a showroom!


Alina V. said...

Va multumesc pentru apreciere, fetelor. Voi sunteti la fel de fabuloase ca intotdeauna! Va pup


Norah said...

lovely! :)

Andrea said...

That sounds amazing! You're so lucky, that is so cool that you're doing a collaboration.

Laura S. said...

i love the brown sandals&the heart shaped handbag.
nice showroom.

Alex. said...

I'd die for such a lovely afternoon!:))
You look so nice! Everytime!


RA said...

thank you :))))
+ such an amazing stuff here :)))

Elisa said...

looks amazing!



Anna L said...

The red jacket is really a must have! I NEED IT ASAP:))

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