Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: classy & fabulous

A girl should be two things: 
classy & fabulous

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. " COCO CHANEL 

And she was always right...Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future and a girl should always be two things: classy and fabulous.( and this is what J.P.Gaultier showcased in his last fashion show @ PFW)

photo by: Ale K Sandra
Outfits: Lace Blouse Eugenia Enciu, H&M skirt, Uterque Earrings, Asos eyeglasses, H&M Red dress, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, New Look handbag, vintage belt&H&M necklace

and don't forget to come at Ab Fab Fair // 6 NOV// 11-19:00
& meet THE fab street photographer for VOGUE, ELLE,  


Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: BE A STAR edition - Absolutely Fabulous&Melanie Galea

Absolutely Fabulous 
Fashion&Vintage Fair
BE A STAR edition 

          Duminica, 6 noiembrie, intre orele 11:00-19:00, va avea loc o editie speciala a targului Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair, la Villa Rodizio, Str. I.L.Caragiale, nr. 32.
          Daca anul trecut fashionistele au avut ocazia sa faca cunostiinta cu Facehunter-Yvan Rodic anul acesta The Streetmuse-Melanie Galea (www.thestreetmuse.it ) vine la Absolutely Fabulous pentru a le face celebre!
          Melanie este o tanara fotograf de street style care a colaborat cu Vogue Italia & Cosmopolitan si care in present colaboreaza intens cu ELLE NY si refinery29.com
          Incantata de conceptul Absolutely Fabulolus, de revista www.absolutelyfabulous.ro si de descoperirea Bucurestiului si a oamenilor fabulosi din Romania, Melanie Galea va fi prezenta pe 6 noiembrie si va incerca sa surprinda tinutele tuturor fashionistelor prezente la targ. Melanie va ajunge in Romania pe 3 noiembrie cu un avion al companiei Blue Air si va fi cazata pe perioada sederii ei in Bucuresti la Hotelul Residence Domenii Plaza.
         Si pentru ca vorbim despre cel mai fabulos targ de fashion si vintage, Absolutely Fabulous isi asteapta vizitatorii cu noile colectii de toamna-iarna ale tinerilor designeri romani, piese vintage unice, cadouri ORIFLAME (www.oriflame.ro) si surprize, toate pentru fashionistele dornice sa isi updateze garderoba acestui sezon.
        Tot ce trebuie sa faci este sa-ti alegi cel mai cool outfit, sa vii pe 6 noiembrie la Villa Rodizio si poti deveni celebra!
Just come&be fabulous and enjoy an awesome autumn shopping session!

read more about Melanie&her work
Melanie Galea
Zoom: I was born in Malta on 05.05.1983 and I lived there for 11 years and then I moved to Turkey and then I moved to Italy when I was 13 and I basically grew up in Italy. I still have some family in Malta, but most of them are in Australia, or in the Uk.
Age: 28 years old

Job:Throughout my various endeavors, however I always posessed a keep interest in photography. In 2010 after long working experience in marketing and branding in luxury hotels, I made the risky decision to focus exclusively on my photography. I just never guessed it would be in the form of a blog.
I Started my blog last year in September and I turned my unique ability to see trends and fashion on the street. Immortalizing the style of the moment, foreseeing the trends and catching their essence. Few months later my blog allowed me to make this my full time job. 

Now: I'm starting to develop my technique and I'm starting to make me known to magazines, editors, designers, followers not just about what I shoot but also about how I shoot. Photography has become an essential way of expression of talking.

In the last months I am gaining the interest of the largest magazines of the international fashion system much to boast collaborations with Elle Usa (1 year), Refinery29.com (4 months) and Vogue Russia (3 months). My portfolio is growing exponentially with every subject I shoot.
I loves the story behind an object and a cloth, that’s way I like to be a street-style blogger. It is a part of my life and I like to share my shots on thestreetmuse.it, which includes the different souls of fashion colors and made of white and black from around the world.
I also travel a lot to attend fashion weeks and to attend a very small number of press days around the world. I travel even for shooting street-style for thestreetmuse.it and projects with fashion magazines and international brands. I am always meeting new people and bloggers all the time.
What do you know about Romania:

Romania is one of the most beautiful countries of Southeast Europe. Natural and Cultural are the words that best capture the essence of Romania, a dynamic country rich in history,  art and scenic beauty. I knew better about it recently when you invite me as a guest for Absolutely Fabulous Fashion & Vintage Fair.
It will be a visit that I will never forget! This time I will have the opportunity to travel through Bucharest in search of reality behind some famous ancients legends and dazzling display of cultural and artistic treasures.

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Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: First time...but not last

the fabulous Grace Coddington VOGUE USA
the fab photographer Ale K Sandra & her fab assistant Ade Lina
 First time...but not last

A modern Ariane movie with Audrey Hepburn and Gary Cooper retook in front of Ritz, Place Vendome, in a contemporary manner with quite nervous characters...surrounded from the first moment by photographers, street style bloggers&too many people asking for details about whom these characters are, where are they're from and where are their outfits from.

This was and still is a very special moment for us, a beginning of new collaborations, new projects, new relationships and new people interested in finding more about our Absolutely Fabulous Magazine, Romania and Romanian young designers, the Romanian fashion industry and our work.

This day was the day we met our Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair SPECIAL GUEST, Melanie Galea, after Barbara Bui fashion show, and the fantastic Fred from easyfashion.blogspot.com.
Fabulous people!


Outfits: Brunette - H&M full outfit + New Look Handbag, Vintage Yellow Diamond Ring// Blonde: H&M clutch & bracelets, Zara blouse, Vintage Shorts & Jeffrey Campbell Boots -Chantal.ro


Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: SPECIAL vogue-ish GUEST

Our last year Special Guest @ Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair,
Yvan Rodic the Facehunter
our fab romanian blogger: Ioana-Liliana Gheorghe
just the two of us&our beloved spanish girlfriend Ade Lina
and a very nice surprise in Jardin des Tuileries: Alina, our fabulous friend from McCann

We know...

We've been gone for quite a long time, but how could we say NO to Paris Fashion Week, Dior, Lanvin and very special&crazy days&nights.

We had a fabulous week, met lots of fabulous people and discovered a new face of Paris -
A never ending "Midnight in Paris" followed by many sleepless nights in the grey, but vibrant Bucharest,
too many events to be organized in such a short time and 
a new Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair Project.

Because we already have tradition in inviting street style bloggers/photographers,
the next Ab Fab Fair edition will have a very special guest: 

The Vogue Italy, ELLE NY, refinery29.com& www.thestreetmuse.it

Melanie Galea!!!

Dont miss the 
NOVEMBER Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair!


Outfits by: H&M, Eugenia Enciu&Coca Zaboloteanu, Ykym Bags
PHOTOS BY: Al3ksandra

And more Leighton Meester&ParisFashionWeek inside photos
in the next Absolutely Fabulous Magazine Issue


ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by D&A: Our first "Paris Fashion Week" day

Our first "Paris Fashion Week" day

To Ladurée, Bonaparte street!
First day, exhausting flight and hard working days left behind...
All we needed was just a very to very very sweet afternoon...a late brunch, macaroons, tarte citron, tarte framboise, millefeuille, les religieuses de Ladurée, tea&coffee - all we could wish - everything in one cozy, fabulous and amazing place.

After 3 hours spent enjoying a magic brunch with our lovely friends from Spain, Ale K Sandra&Ade Lina we went to Marais tu unpack our humongous luggages - full of romanian designer items, H&M A/W and S/S collection items and Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

And because there's always a God...behind the blue door...was our mirific apartment, a fairytale garden and a very vintage like furnishing atelier - exactly what we needed to be sure that after every "Fashion Week" day we have a fabulous place to return and refresh ourselves.
And if you're still asking yourselves why do we seem sad, it's just because we were so so so tired... 
Inward we were simply elated! 

The next day we were brand new and you just have to stay tuned to see the proof. :))