Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: Gala Avanpremiere&Romanian Designers


 Thursday evening, 17 nov, we had the pleasure to take part of one of the greatest fashion events in Romania - Avanpremiere '9th edition' - a multi-brand event, which reunited at MNAC over 400 guests and 12 hot romanian designers. Both backstage&front row atmosphere were simply fantastic and we've been very surprised when we discovered the "Acvatic Ring" Collection by Natalia Vasiliev, a fascinating story of absolute ocean creatures feathery extended in human beings. We also had a crush for Silvia Serban black&white Collection, a manifestation of versatility, and Carmen Secareanu Collection&show.

And because Avanpremiere - Fashion and Lifestyle Fest, is a modern and complex manifestation dedicated to arts and the new century's lifestyle, the magic event was simply fabulous from the smallest details, models, make-up, music, videos, set-up, atmosphere, to the 12 collections: Agnes Toma, Rue des Trucs, Sandra Chira, Alexandra Abraham, Carmen Secareanu, Teodora Baciu, Natalia Vasiliev, Bianca Popp, Ioana Ciolacu, Silvia Serban, A&S Negulescu and Iris Serban. And all thanks to Alin Galatescu, who truly believes in romanian fashion and romanian designers.

SEE More: Avanpremiere Fest // FOTO:Vali BARBULESCU / www.vbvisuals.com



Macherie said...

this is a fab event, its a great way of putting their work out there.

Anonymous said...

What a fab event! It's cool you got to attend and see so many designers. :]

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Lots of love, B
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Adele said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by to see me :) The gala event looks amazing! Would love to have you as a follower & I'm happy to follow back xoxo

Victoria said...

Looks like fantastic event! you two look great! xx

Mary M. said...

Ah, it's always such a pleasure to visit your blog and see the new posts..You two are just so incredible and always in fashion! x