Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: When in Cluj...

When in Cluj...

A few months ago we have accepted a new offer and also a challenge...to become the image
of Cluj Central Shopping Center catalogue. 

Unexpected, the news came after we accepted to organize our Ab Fab Events on the 4th floor of the store. 

It's been quite an experience to rememorize the old, but wonderful feeling we had the first time we visited a central store holding our mother's hands...But now we weren't holding anybody's hands - only hands on the champagne glasses :)) - and we were free to discover every item by ourselves. In the end it proved to be a relaxing and yet fascinating day, hunting for outfits and playing with the photo camera in this revived location.

If you wanna see more photos, you have to visit the Central Shopping Center and ask for the catalogue.:)




Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: It' s not only fashion – It' s our 2nd skin

“It' s not only fashion – It' s your 2nd skin!”

Versatility our LOVE. 

We used to spend our money on anything we were falling in love at first sight, but those times are gone. Now we only choose the smart way: first think in how many combinations we can wear the item, check the price, weigh up the pros and cons and after this buy it or just simply forget about it. What we've learned after years of shopping and personal shopping is that the best deal is when you find a fab piece which you can mix&match with absolutely every item from your wardrobe.

And our new magic item is a Python&Choco Fish Skin top from enVie. Every top is different and is made from the most amazing silk that we've ever seen. The first enVie top collection is A-symmetric and has a flirty and loose fitting and every item is handmade from 100% silk thus making it a one of a kind item.

So now that we have a new crush, the enVie fab TOP, we couldn't resist mix&match it with some accesories, skirts&shorts from our closet while preparing our luggage for a seaside break.

If you die having one, check the enVie FB PAGE or www.envieheartwork.com

Lots of kisses,

Blonde: Tommy Hilfiger Shorts, Nissa Skirt, H&M nude Shirt, Marni Necklace, Valentino&Escada Bracelets
Brunette: Zara Skirt&Sandals, Ralph Lauren Shorts, Vintage Earrings, Escada&Marni Bracelets, Nissa Necklaces, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Vintage Belt


Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: Stupid Game


While we couldn't take out from our heads the fact that we could've been with our friends at the sea side, if we would have the strenght to wake up early in the morning, not at 13:00 in the afternoon, we have been hit by a very, VERY, stupid idea.

Having quite too many wedding dresses dangling on our wardrobe we had a vision. It was a short one, drowned first in laughters and fun and immediately in panic! It took us only too shots per dress and we ran. We couldn't handle it! And we couldn't help us wondering what is the magic equation to not freak out while wearind a bride dress...

The question still has no answer...
Only panic!

And no, don't panic, neither of us is getting married. Not yet :)


Dresses: Nicole Enea


Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: Dior Make-Up & a Fab Sephora Contest


Choose the best Sephora Make-up Artist! 

Show us your passion for make-up and you can participate at the big Sephora Make-up Masters Final 2012. 

You can WIN a Complete Make-up Kit. 

Become one of the jury members and you can vote the best Sephora Artist if you:

1. Tell us what are your THREE special, secret make-up tricks
2. Like Sephora FB PAGE
3. Follow our blog HERE

 Alege cel mai bun Make-up Artist Sephora! Arata-ne pasiunea ta pentru make-up si poti participa la Marea Finala Make-up Masters Sephora 2012. Poti castiga o trusa completa de pensule de machiaj, must have-ul unui adevarat make-up artist. 
Poti face parte din juriu si poti vota cel mai bun make-up artist daca:

1. Ne spui trei dintre secretele folosite in machiajul zilnic
2. Dai like paginii Sephora 
2. Urmaresti blogul nostru AICI 

Finala concursului Make-Up Masters Sephora 2012, in parteneriat cu Dior, are loc vineri, 8 iunie 2012, la Baneasa Shopping City.  

Sephora a selectat cei mai buni ┼čase make-up artisti din intreaga sa retea de magazine,  pentru marea finala a concursului Make-Up Masters Sephora 2012.
Pentru a impartasi aceasta extraordinara experienta clientilor, finala Make-Up Masters Sephora 2012 se va desfasura sub privirile tuturor in Baneasa Shopping City, pe data de 8 Iunie, intre orele 19:00-21:00.
Finalistii isi vor dezvalui creativitatea, originalitatea si excelenta, in fata tuturor celor prezenti in cadrul unui Spectacol de machiaj organizat in parteneriat cu marca Dior .

Make-up realizat de Make up artist DIOR, Adriana Haloiu
Produse folosite: Demachiere:Huile Douceur: Lotion Purete Tonifiante / Crema pt ochi: Hydralife eyes / Crema de zi: Hydralife sorbet Fard: Forever 010/020 / Pudra Nude complact -020 / Anticearcan: Nude 001, 002 /Dior skin Nude Ton 001 / Fard pleoape: 5 couleurs 654/808 / Baza: couleur gloss 560/ 750 / Marcara: Iconic 090 / Creion buze: 263, 463 / Gloss: 464, 224 / Ruj Addict 544

Blonde&Brunette: Lee Cooper Outfits
FOTO: www.moreinspirationplease.com

We thank you all for advices&comments!