Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: When in Cluj...

When in Cluj...

A few months ago we have accepted a new offer and also a challenge...to become the image
of Cluj Central Shopping Center catalogue. 

Unexpected, the news came after we accepted to organize our Ab Fab Events on the 4th floor of the store. 

It's been quite an experience to rememorize the old, but wonderful feeling we had the first time we visited a central store holding our mother's hands...But now we weren't holding anybody's hands - only hands on the champagne glasses :)) - and we were free to discover every item by ourselves. In the end it proved to be a relaxing and yet fascinating day, hunting for outfits and playing with the photo camera in this revived location.

If you wanna see more photos, you have to visit the Central Shopping Center and ask for the catalogue.:)





coco said...

super rochitele !

*Glam Chameleon* said...

Gorgeous pictures, stunning dresses, u're so beautiful!:)
Happy Friday!! xoxo

Nuit Hernandez said...

you guys look amazing! congrats!!! x

Katharina Z. said...

looks amazing! <3


anirataC said...

you look amazing, I love your blog :)
Following! *

ZADIN said...

Zilele acestea am descoperit foarte multe bloguri de fashion romanesti si m-am bucurat. De ce? Pai este o confirmare a faptului ca romancele sunt stilate, ingrijite si frumoase, iar voi fetelor nu va deziceti de la cele de mai sus.

Zadin ♥♥♥

Oana Alexandra Stroici said...

Felicitari! Si cat mai multe realizari in continuare.

Ioana-Carmen said...

super! <3

Iulia said...

Aratati matur si classy! Felicitari pentru lookul obtinut :)

AVY said...


/ Avy