Absolutely Fabulous by D&A:Honeymoon apart

Honeymoon apart

Some go to a romantic honeymoon in a mexican resort, after they canceled their wedding and some go to Croatia, Prague or Istanbul to dream of their perfect wedding and relationship in a perfect scenery.

We just visited Dubrovnik, Prague and Istanbul and had almost the most perfect holiday moments. We say almost because this summer the destiny separated us. It was hard at the beginning and took a few days to get the hang of life without eachother, but in the end it was fabulous. ;)

You should visit the fab Croatia Islands, Prague & Istanbul
It's a must DO!




Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: Handbag sisters

Handbag sisters

FACT: We always buy the same accesories and wear them in the same time.

It happened again! Another hilarious moment and the same hysterical reaction while staring at each other. Inevitable we would say, because this happens very often when you spend much or too much time for a life with the person next to you. 

We do business, we do pleasure (and don't think too far :)), we have the same diet and we wear the same things, and no we are not married! And thank God we have different taste in men.

What's to tell is that right now we have a crush for exactly the same...thing: the HenryHolland mettalic bag, a bag to die for! Easy to wear, perfect AW color, chip and chic at 50 euros only, many pockets, perfect shape and easy to find in any Debenhams store!

Go shopping girls!


Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: Milkshake Days

  Milkshake Days
Pe tine ce stil te defineste vara aceasta?
Incearca Milkshake Colors, accesorii metalice si un zambet fabulos!

si poti castiga un voucher de 1000 lei de pe www.fashiondays.ro.
Mai mult, poti profita de un quiz personalizat, in urma caruia vei afla ce cred prietenii tai despre tine si ce stil ti se potriveste. Astfel poti fi sigura ca ceea ce alegi din tendintele actuale ti se va potrivi ca o manusa.
Da like si fii fabuloasa!

Good luck!

*for our beloved readers who don't understand romanian language, we are very sorry for not translating the text, but this is a contest available only for Romania. But if you like our trend proposal feel free to like it here or share it. Thank you for understanding. LOVE, D&A


Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: While in Vama Veche

While in Vama Veche

only unwritten facts after the photos above...just use your imagination...it was Vama Veche, not us. We don't assume anything ;)


Foto: Edi Enache&Dana Paun


Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: The second gets better

The second is even better

 No one believed us when we said on our instagram posts that we are at the romanian seaside, but this is the fabulous truth. And because the second day when you are on holiday is always better than the first day and because we promised you a second ILLY day photos...here they are.

If you were asking yourself what the igredients are for a fab weekend before you go to the seside just make  a list:

- H&M swimming suits
- Wear as many jewelry you can. Jewelry is never enough and even if everybody will stare at you all the time you'll feel awesome for sure! Even the SATC girls used to do it in Abu Dhabi!
- Take a photographer with you...Or why not two! Two is always better... In fact take two fab photographer-friends. We took Dana & Edi. Thanks to them we have this great memories.
- Take energy from ILLY ISSIMO coffee, which is perfect for the hot beach mornings 
- Take some other friends with you who make good jokes and understand your jokes so you can laugh all day long
- Take lots of clothes because you never know when someone will need a new oufit
- Don't forget your iPhone! That's vital. You have to post all the great moments on Instagram. It's the new Facebook, isn't it? We sleep, drink, eat, laugh, everything on INSTA:))
- DO The flirt....maybe you'll find a cool man.. you never know where they hide...
-Do trust yourself, you are the most fabulous girl and you will never be as young and cool as you are today, so live your life like there's no tomorrow!