Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: Fabulous ZAYAN Bags


Lately we tend to fall in love with handbags and shoes. And NO, believe it or not we have more fabulous activites than our relationship with our accesories:))

We didn't use to do it in the past, but lately, as our job requiers we have to do a little bit more shopping... for us, for our clients, for our projects and in the end for us again.

And as you can already see, we fell in love with two fabulous handbags signed ZAYAN, a dangerously 
flirtatious and determinedly girly brand.

If you are looking for gorgeous details, lovely colors, metallic elements and perfect cuts, than you should just simply start a ZAYAN shopping session now. It's a must!

For the moment we leave Bucharest for Paris Fashion Week, so be ready for fabulous parisian news.


Blonde: H&M Dress, Scarf, Necklace&Blouse, Versace Belt, Nine West Sandals, Zayan Bag
Brunette: H&M Sweater, BONE Necklace, H&M Boots, Vintage Leather Skirt, Zayan Bag
FOTO: Quyen Mike



marina c said...

oh love the gray sweater!!! have fun in Paris!

ka milka said...

fine ;)))

new post !!

Anaivilo said...

Fabulous girls with fabulous bags and style! ;)

Finichia said...

Both of you are beyond fierce as always!!! LOVE the handbags!! They left me speechless


one girl, one blog said...

Love your shoes!

Svetlana said...

Love your bags <3

Ma Numesc Bucuresti said...

Great bags! Quyen Mike truly is a talented photographer.

Smi said...

Ta, absolutely girlie, especially the one with green side pocket.

Claudia Gheorghe said...

I like the bags:)

Francois said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I just discovered your blog by StockholmStreetStyle where I saw a picture of Diana's streetstyle (STUNNING and so unusually classy outfit by the way) and I have to admit 2 things. 1) You are both SO gorgeous I'm gonna die 2) I just joined your members list. In the hope you would ever see this comment and maybe my fashion blog that I started 2 months ago, I'm sending you kisses from Belgium ♥♥
- F