Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: City Girls - Event 1


D:Last week I have been invited to a fab party and a fab premiere - James Bond SKYFALL and it was a pretty good choice for a Thursday evening. I had the pleasure to meet my gorgeous Laura Cosoi, Adela Popescu and my beloved Ioana Liliana from BONE, and also had the pleasure to admire their fabulous silhouettes and sophisticated gowns.

The red carpet event was a success and it wouldn't have been so exciting without the party before the movie preview and without the amazing people around me. It seems this city still has potential and people still pay attention to their look and outfits.


A: I've spent my night with Bond. James Bond

I have to admit that I went to see the movie and not for Daniel Craig, but for Javier Bardem. He is such an amazing actor. And i totally believe that he deserves an Oscar for Skyfall. He is simply amazing. Him, the Adele's song and the intro of the movie are the ab fab factors of the new James Bond Movie. 
Talking about the event I have to admit I loved the VIP's cinema hall, it's so comfortable that you almost feel like a princess - a princess who is allowed to eat as much popcorn as she wants:)
So girls, my advice for you is to go every week to see a movie,  to choose the VIP room and relax, because you deserve a treatment after a week of hard work.

Before that don't forget about the CITY RUSH CONTEST 
and become part of the Avon Space

We can't wait for the next event where a new romanian designer will launch a capsule collection for AW Season.



Eda. said...

Looks and sounds like a fabulous event darling - great snaps!

Eda ♥

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Hello there girls! Looks like lots of fun :)
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