Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: MISBHV GIRLS

Born to MISBHV

We went to the doctor a few days ago and we found out we were born with too much awesomeness. He told us that the most common side effect is the over abundance of haters. Turns out we are gonna survive if we MISBHV.

So we started the treatment with the fabulous MISBHV Sweaters and we already feel better.

You should try it too.
It's fabulous!

MISBHV Girls   

Foto: TheGirlWhoPlaysWithBONES



Adryacola said...

As vrea sa stiu cum si-a facut Diana parul!

Samina said...

And my doctor said, ask to have this Fab MSBHV Tshirts, Fab girls will send to you and you'll wear them in Italy then you feel better!
;-) love your outfits always!

Weronika said...

Where can I get this sparkling skirt?

Simona said...

omg I LOVE THIS BRAND ALREADY!!! it has at least 3 items that i was looking for a long time at the best price/quality ratio. PURE AWESOMENESS INDEED

Andrea said...

love the knezo cap and the green skirt! so pretty!

Lovely Darlings said...

You are amaziiing <3<3


Insomnia said...

This is fierce beyond words!


Mirella Szymoniak - Fashion Blogger + Photographer said...

Wow! You look gorgeous!
Stunning girls, amazing outfits.
Follow and I will be coming back.