Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: City Girls @ Pas du Tout

Diana's fab Pas du Tout Jacket
The fab designer Madalina Dorobantu

Diner en Noir

On the first of November we attended a fabulous event at The Place Concept Store. The Romanian brand Pas du Tout by Madalina Dorobantu is now available at The Place so you can go to see&buy the fab dark items we absolutely adored.
 The good part is that you can also find the capsule collection Pas du Tout made especially for The Place - feminine, luxurious textures, lace, leather and fur - the perfect ingredients for a dark chic outfit.

The event was amazing and the collection simply to die for!! So it was my sequin biker jacket which i recommend you to buy and wear with any day or evening outfits.

Before you go to The Place don't forget about the CITY RUSH CONTEST and don't forget to become part of the Avon Space

We can't wait for the next event where
a fab magazine is celebrating 5 years of  excellence in fashion&beauty in Romania.





Mirella Szymoniak - Fashion Blogger + Photographer said...

I really love your looks! You're stunning!

Amy said...

you look absolutely amazing! Looks like such a fun event!


Amy said...