Happy New Year

2013?! This is the year! Our year! A year that started in an ambiguous way turned out to be a fairytale in disguise.When you feel that universe may not play fair, and believe us sometimes it really does not, out of nowhere everything settles down and your life blooms instantly. And as a great philosopher once said...“Maybe mistakes are what make our fate... without them what would shape our lives? Maybe if we had never veered off course we wouldn't fall in love, have babies, or be who we are. After all, things change, so do cities, people come into your life and they go. But it's comforting to know that the ones you love are always in your heart.'' Carrie Bradshaw...and by your side no matter what.


Paris Cherie

What happens in Paris never stays in Paris! It's uploaded on our blog, of course! We couldn't miss this opportunity to share with you another wonderful experience we had in our second hometown, Paris! You know, Paris, that amazing city where we meet lots of beautiful people during fashion weeks, that place that feels like home no matter when we visit it, that magic city that gives life to our dreams. At the beginning of December, while we were visiting the city in order to discover the Louis Vuitton traditions&company, we received a phone call and we instantly booked one of our mornings for a special photo shoot for www.parischerie.com. We had so much fun and we enjoyed every second of it! Hope you'll enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed that wonderful morning walking around Le Marais.


Christmas Dinner with LOVE

At the beginning we thought it would be nice to keep everything black&white, cut&edgy, unconventional and minimalist, but in the last minute we have decided to glam up everything this Christmas. Since is the first time we spend holidays together (since we have met five years ago) we agreed this Christmas is more festive than ever! And we know we're gonna rock it! And because we are two obsessive, meticulous, or let's just say organized ladies we've already took care of everything! So if you need a 5 steps 'How to get ready for Christmas dinner' here you have a complete list...


Looking for the perfect Christmas outfit?

We know you are probably looking for the best outfit ever for your Christmas dinner or for your New Year's Eve party, but sweetheart take a deep breath and don't lose your mind. You can still have it and you can still get it in a more easy-pleasant-lovely way. Dreams are great but reality is fine too. Yes it is a little bit late to find the perfect outfit in this crazy city, but as we are always taking care of you, we have decided to organize a special Christmas edition Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair.


The Louis Vuitton journey continues

The Louis Vuitton adventure carries on. The second day started very early in the morning, so early that it was still dark outside. We had breakfast in a rush because we were a little bit late - as you probably know make-up and dressing up sometimes can take you a little bit more than usual when you wake up at 7 am and you are almost sleep walking. But after a big cup of cappuccino and a big bowl of fruits the things started to settle down. So we left the hotel and the driver took us to the biggest Louis Vuitton store on Champs Elysees. And  the adventure began...


A fabulous gift for you

Before Christmas we have decided to launch a contest! One of you could win this fabulous skirt worn by Alina during Paris Fashion Week. You wrote us so many comments and messages and because many of you asked us to make a giveaway with this princess skirt...Voila! It had a massive success during fashion week and lots of worldwide magazines like Vogue, Grazia, Elle and Marie Claire posted the photos with Alina wearing this amazing piece. So now it can be yours.


Louis Vuitton Secret Places - A fabulous experience

When we were just two teenagers we were only dreaming about what we are doing today, about the perfect job, about working in fashion industry, about being creative, about being appreciated and about all the amazing projects we develop everyday. As you already know, Paris is our second hometown and it gave us all the keys to what we are today. Last week in the heart of Paris we received the most extraordinary key to one of the most exquisite stories ever. It's not Christmas yet, but we've already received our present. An exclusive Louis Vuitton experience only for us. The story of our incredible journey started in Asnières-sur-Seine...


5 best gift ideas from Louis Vuitton

If you want to pamper yourself for Christmas, Louis Vuitton is one of the best ideas for you, Princess! Unique, luxurious, fabulous and trendy, all in one. You can buy one of these items by yourself or you can simply leave this article open for your loved ones to see and take notes. From black&elegant clutches to golden bracelets, your Christmas list can be really short, but so consistent.


Dolce&Gabbana Opening Event - Bucharest

Big news ladies! There is a new Dolce&Gabanna store in town! Last week we've been invited to Dolce&Gabbana opening event where we instantly fell in love with the collection. The Dolce&Gabbana collection is waiting for you at The Grand Avenue - the most prestigious fashion destination in the city!


Lady Arrogance

One morning you wake up, you look in the mirror and you ask yourself who is the arrogant bitch looking back at you. Well it's a not so exquisite version of yourself. You discover within yourself what you despise the most in others and it happens just because people around you turned arrogance and vanity  into an artform. This cocktail might seem the perfect path to success for some of us, but it's just a certain way to self-destruction. So the star of the day is the well-known Arrogance which keeps on surprising us every single day. This is a how to avoid becoming an arrogant lady tutorial.


Accord Parfait for a Fabulous Skin

Romanian women are beautiful. Yes, you are. We are. It’s a fact so well-known that it has become a cliché. But what is it exactly that makes us so fabulous? 
Walking down the streets of Romanian cities, you see blondes, brunettes and redheads. Blue-eyed and green-eyed. Fair complexion, dark complexion. A unique mix of colors and influences (and that’s without even mentioning the crazy variety of clothes or accessories you’ll see). Romanian beauty is diverse and we are so glad that someone decided to talk about this and take the investigation one step further: Povestea frumusetii tale (The Story of Your Beauty) is a project by L’Oreal Paris meant to prove that we are a mix of global influences.


Perfect Legs with Braun Silk-épil

Wear whatever you want wherever you want! Mini, midi or maxi skirts, short pants and mini dresses can easily be worn now. Why? Because now you can have the most fabulous legs in the world! How? Easy! With one of the best inventions in the world: Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry epilator. We absolutely fell in love with it because it's our salvation every time we have an event to attend, a trip to the seaside to enjoy or when we simply wanna spend a cozy evening in our beds reading Anais Nin. Remember...The fabulousness starts with your legs!


Hit the road again

Between meetings and a shoot for a client, while wearing our new fabulous hats we've met a friend for a coffee, we took some photos, we had some fun and in the end we realized we have to go back to the office immediately to set all the things up! Why? When we've finally gotten used to being back home, sleeping in the same bed and doing all the cute domestic things with our boyfriends, we realized we should start packing. After two months of spending quality time with friends&family, after two months of projects in Bucharest, we are leaving again. And we get hysterical, happy&excited when we think about this new trip.

How to get a fabulous #winterhair

Yes baby, it's cold outside and if you didn't noticed yet, just check your weather application, your instagram or your facebook. It might be sunny, but it's cold, windy, sometimes rainy and soon it will be snowing. If you are suffering of the freezing temperatures, why should your hair suffer too? This winter you have to take care of you, Miss! Take care of your skin, your lips and most important your HAIR. Winter weather might break down your hair and make it look totally NOTfabulous, but since we live in the era where everything is possible, your #winterhair can easily become #fabhair.
Baby, it’s cold outside. It’s snowing, or rainy, or windy. You know, it’s winter! And if you weren’t sure, check your Instagram or Facebook feed. I’m sure there’s quite a few weather forecasts floating around.
Just because you’re suffering with all of the freezing temperatures, why should your hair suffer too? It really shouldn’t! Don’t let the winter weather break down your hair & make it look unhealthy. So today I have a few things you can do to maintain that beautiful mane through the winter months.

Read more at http://manouvellemode.com/2013/02/07/7-tips-for-winter-hair-care/#ibrCFgP81ba7AYxx.99
Baby, it’s cold outside. It’s snowing, or rainy, or windy. You know, it’s winter! And if you weren’t sure, check your Instagram or Facebook feed. I’m sure there’s quite a few weather forecasts floating around.
Just because you’re suffering with all of the freezing temperatures, why should your hair suffer too? It really shouldn’t! Don’t let the winter weather break down your hair & make it look unhealthy. So today I have a few things you can do to maintain that beautiful mane through the winter months.

Read more at http://manouvellemode.com/2013/02/07/7-tips-for-winter-hair-care/#ibrCFgP81ba7AYxx.99


5 outfits for your wish list

Whether shopping for you or others, make sure you have enough time to make the right decisions and try not to be tempted into buying all the unnecessary festive jumpers and dresses. Yes, Christmas is on its way and the days are running out for you, but try to keep it simple and dress up like a lady, and not like Ms. Santa Claus. This year you should #feelmore, #lovemore and #makesmartshopping. And because we love you and we wanna give you a helping hand, we've compiled the best 5 outfits for the upcoming holidays...


Fun time with Braun

If you didn't know how to get perfect legs, now it's time. Try Braun Silk épil! Not only that we have tried it, but we had so much fun during Braun event were we have been invited to show our legs and our Murmur outfits. The thing about legs is that we should never cover them up! Instead we should take care of them, pamper them and offer them the best. Otherwise how we could be sexy&fabulous!? Read more about Braun experience here and don't forget to scroll down and see who is the lucky winner of Braun contest!


Make a statement

Queen* 1. The wife of a king. 2. Something having eminence or supremacy in a given domain and personified as a woman. Well...this is how we felt for 24 hours! It’s been a long time coming but finally we can share with you the exciting collaboration we had few weeks ago. While trying to discover a perfect outfit for a black tie event, when we almost gave up the idea that we'll never find the perfect Oscar dress, a great sign appeared! We received an unexpected proposal. Meeting place: Casa Vernescu, Team: only creative people, Dresses: Cristallini, Mission: Make a statement.


Just an ordinary day

Yes, sometimes it seems we find life so easy. It seems we glide effortlessly upwards and onwards, always doing the right things whatever the situation. People tell us we seem happy, content and ready to roll with life's punches and they ask the key of our everyday smile.Well there's no key, no guide, no rules, ladies. Just learn to shrug off adversity more easily and be happier, calmer and become a positive person. That's it! And enjoy our photos realized in collaboration with www.ele.ro. :)


Perfect gift - Premiere Luxe Fragrance

Already wondering about perfect gifts for Christmas? Well we already have an answer! If you have a best friend, or if you simply want to make your mother happy, you can offer her one of the hottest fragrances ever, Premiere Luxe or you can just wrap up o beautiful case with AVON Luxe products.


Magic Universe

The story of our lives lies in the details, beautifully wrapped elements which remind us what we need to be reminded the most - the important people we love, the good and the bad times that made us the women we are today. But what if we are too busy to leave a little space just for memories? Don't worry. It's simple, you wear a little charm with you everyday, just to be sure you'll never forget the most important moments in your life!

Perfect legs

Time! Yes, our biggest problem ever! Most of us barely have time to get out the door with the teeth brushed or make up on before we commute to the office early in the morning, but having perfect legs is not a luxury anymore! Now you can easily boost your sex-appeal and have flawless legs, lady! And believe us, it is not so hard to get fabulous legs! Anytime, anyhow, anywhere, no matter what season is you can always keep them looking beautiful.(read more and discover our contest)


Perfect Autumn Day

Smile, it's free therapy and you should try it every single day. It works for us and for sure it will work for you too. No matter what happens in your life it's better to not forget to be kind and smile a lot. Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all great gestures perfect to almost to turn a life around sometimes. And we better pay more attention to all these simple, but so important things. And today we smile because...


13th edition of AVANPREMIERE Gala

Because we believe in talents, young designers and Romanian creative minds, we proudly announce the 13th edition of the AVANPREMIERE Gala, that will take place on November 19th. Nine Romanian designers will be presenting their SS 2014 collections and their previews of 2015's fashion trends.


A perfect morning starts with Louis Vuitton

It was a wonderful surprise to receive early in the morning the latest Louis Vuitton campaign booklet. The drama and the fantasy of L'invitation au Voyage - Venice simply astonished us and because we cannot keep only fot us all these magnificent scenes with Arizona Muse and David Bowie we invite you to enjoy the story....


Trends - Paris SS 2014 by Alin Galatescu DAY9

Paris Fashion Week a fost, din nou, centrul de interes maxim al lumii modei pentru sezonul primavara vara 2014. A reusit sa fie acelasi creuzet creativ, acelasi spatiu elevat, in care, cei mai multi dintre designerii cu adevarat valorosi ai lumii ne-au oferit viziunile lor privind moda viitorului. Finalul acestui maraton de 9 zile a apartinut show-ului de retragere a lui Marc Jacobs de la Louis Vuitton.


Inside/Out (Black&White) @ Galateca

Which is one of our favorite places? Galateca! A gallery of contemporary art, situated in one of the most beautiful squares in Bucharest. A developing project, Galateca sets out to present major contemporary international artists to the Romanian public, thus creating a platform for all kind of collaborations, like the one we have developed together. This is the place you have to visit once in a while, or if you ask us, once a month. Why? Because once a month you can enjoy a new exhibition. If you've just decided to visit it, let us tell you more about the exhibition Inside/Out (Black&White)...

Trends - Paris SS 2014 by Alin Galatescu DAY8

Parisul se apropie de sfarsit. Finalul este insa unul grandios, Chanel deschizand ziua cu un show extrem de bine primit, marcand deja un record: cea mai mare galerie de arta folosita vreodata pentru o prezentare de moda, peste 180 de metri de podium si zeci de lucrari coordonate magistral de emblema absoluta a secolului 21 in moda si relatia acesteia cu lumea artistica: Karl Lagerfeld.


The fab life of a flight attendant

Amazing job to be a flight attendant! We've been dreaming about this since we were  two little girls. And since it used to be one of the most important jobs for women, dedicated only to beautiful and smart girls, this privilage to be a stewardess was more than a simple job. Travel, fun, money, adventure, new poeple, amazing time and fabulous costumes. All the igredients for a perfect job.


10 best designer collaborations with H&M

Before the Isabel Marant pour H&M Collection let's just make a short brief and remember the best 10 collaborations of H&M with 10 fabulous designers. Enjoy it!


Trends - Paris SS 2014 by Alin Galatescu DAY7

Inceputul zilei a fost unul incantator cu o colectie comerciala, dar cu multe surprize oferita de Stella McCartney in aceeasi extraordinara locatie, Opera Garnier. Tot in aceasta dimineata l-am intalnit pe tanarul designer roman Ioana Ciolacu aflat in echipa Stellei McCartney, ca invitat in backstage, urmare a premiului remarcabil cucerit la Berlin, colectia premiata de Stella urmand a fi dezvoltata si prezentata in cadrul Galei Avanpremiere 13 din luna noimebrie. Un alt moment fun al diminetii a fost vizionarea acestei colectii din ”gradinita” Stellei McCartney impreuna cu doua dadace, 7 copii dintre care 3 chiar ai Stellei McCartney si cativa parinti din randul personalului acesteia - a fost foarte fun.

AVON lanseaza cel mai mare lant de magazine online

AVON lansează în România cel mai mare lanţ de magazine online, în cadrul unei platforme integrate de comerţ electronic, AVON Online. Platforma nou-creată marchează trecerea către un nou model de business, prin care frumusețea este mai accesibilă ca oricând.


HariTHanD Jacket Collection

Discover the Young Lebanese based label, HariTHanD. A line that reflects the butterfly woman, HariTHanD is concretely translated in petals shapes. Mostly inspired by the orchid flower the creations magnify twisted layers & belted waists. Influenced by beauties from the glamorous fifties, the brand is a recipe of luxury embracing sophistication and uses only rich textures and exquisite leathers.

Trends - Paris SS 2014 by Alin Galatescu DAY6

Parisul vibreaza inca de dimineata: urmeaza cel mai asteptat show din punct de vedere al surprizelor  Paris Fashion Week: Celine, a revolutionarei Phoebe Philo. Toata lumea astepta sa vada ce iepure mai scoate din joben reinventatoarea minimalismului in secolul 21. Nici de asta data cunoscatorii si publicul nu au fost dezamagiti. Phoebe si-a pastrat pasiunea pentru simplitate insa acum a fost dublata de studii complexe, pliseuri si de imprimeuri tribale ori urbane intense. 


Reasons to love your job

We are absolutely sure that you all know that we are not only bloggers and if you don't know it yet, we think it's time to find the 'news'. Since our schedule is the most diverse ever some would say maybe it is too much (like our mothers for example). We have the PR&events agency, we do fashion PR and organize events, we do styling and personal shopping and we write for various magazines and websites. Well yes, it might be too much sometimes, and we might feel exhausted, but guess what?! We love our job and we feel pretty lucky. Why? Here you have a full list of best reasons ever to love our job...


Express your talent with Perwoll

Va mai aduceti aminte cand erati mici si va pasionau papusile Barbie?! Cand taiati rochiile mamei pentru a croi ceva revolutionar pentru super papusa voastra?! Va mai aduceti aminte cand mazgaleam zeci de planse ca mai apoi sa construim adevarate manifestari artistice? Noi da, pentru ca amandoua am facut-o! Timpul a trecut si pasiunea noastra nu s-a pierdut, ci s-a concretizat intr-o latura care  ne caracterizeaza si ne face fericite in fiecare zi. Si pentru ca amandoua credem in talentul vostru, va incurajam sa participati la noua editie a concursului national de schite de design vestimentar organizat de Perwoll. Este sansa voastra sa va afirmati!


L’art de vivre et PAUL

La vie est belle and this is the first rule of life, a code for living, a better, happier and more fabulous kind of life. It's been a long time coming but now we can finally share with you  this wonderful collaboration we did with PAUL,  Maison de Qualité. This shoot we'd been counting  down to for weeks it finally took shape along with the launch of the new PAUL location, in Piata Romana, Bucharest. We invite you to discover the french experience, the boulangerie et pâtisserie française and the contest we have prepared only for you.


Between masculine and feminine

 A precisely tailored jacket always rides the tipping point between masculine and feminine and sometimes you can easily mistake one of us for a boy when we wear trousers or Charlie Chaplin inspired outfits. This time, even if we like to take menwear into women's clothing, while these two H&M coats captured our attention we couldn't help but show you one of our everyday looks.
ee our pick of the best autumn coats to hit the high street Read more at http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/fashion/ideas/29258/30/autumn-coats-jackets.html#FJOseY5GYMYBzmtp.99


Colectia Isabel Marant pour H&M

Pasionati de moda precum Audrey Tautou, January Jones, Freida Pinto, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Olga Kurylenko, Alice Dellal, Mélanie Doutey sau Lou Lesage, s-au reunit aseara la Paris pentru a celebra lansarea colectiei Isabel Marant pour H&M.


Trends - Paris SS 2014 by Alin Galatescu DAY5

Haider Ackermann a deschis glorios ziua cu un show in care mai mult se cauta pe sine. Un amestec de Haider Ackermann de acum cateva veri cu accente punk, mici povesti romantice reprezentate de rochiile ample cu pliseuri, mult masculin look, materiale stralucitoare, transparente, smoking-uri si accente sport. Poezia show-ului s-a pastrat insa fara consistenta colectiei.


Trends - Paris SS 2014 by Alin Galatescu DAY4

Roland Mouret specialistul autodidact al taieturilor savante si al croiurilor sofisticate a deschis ziua printr-o mare surpriza, colectia lui iesind total din rafinamentul cu care ne-a obsnuit, livrandu-ne o viziune urbana, pop cu inspiratii din graffiti si pictura abstracta. Totul este un dialog plastic intre alb negru si culori intense, intre benzi, patrate si flori abstracte, in tuse accentuate. Ciudat si grafic. 

A fine excess of Borealy Jewelry

Did you ever find yourself in a 'Great Gatsby' state of mind? Of course you did! When we dream of Fitzgerald‘s romantic fairy tale we simply get very passionate and we immediately feel the need to convert all the items from our wardrobe in alive and exciting outfits. But sometimes we don't need lavish costumes to feel vibrant and beautiful, but that je ne sais quoi, which we call jewelry. And we found this je ne sais quoi at Borealy Jewelry showroom.


Trends - Paris SS 2014 by Alin Galatescu DAY3

Ann Demeulemeester si-a continuat explorarea prin universului hippie-ului cult printr-o colectie monocroma, eleganta, accentele fiind puse pe palariile gigant care creau un aspect de Hollywood gotic, inedit si misterios. Am remarcat dresurile si bluzele romantice, transparente, cu accente tip tatuaj, briurile late, motivele regale din catifea decupata si culorile intense - rosu carmin, total atipice designerului belgian.


The GRAND Magazine

One season ago we have been invited to be the Cover for The GRAND Magazine, a magazine designed for The Grand Avenue Shopping Gallery clients and also for every client that stepts into JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel. This season we've been working with the Grand Avenue team on the fall-winter issue, but this time as Senior Contributors, preaching the trends and styling and developing the editorial concepts for fashion, beauty, streetstyle and maine article editorials. So if you wanna see more, you can simply go shopping to The Grand Avenue, the only luxury shopping avenue in Bucharest.

Magic elixir for your hair

Oil has always been an important component of many cosmetics with delicate textures . It is found on the shelf in the bathroom of many women in different ways: for skin , body and from now on it has become customary miracle ingredient in hair care products .


Trends - Paris SS 2014 by Alin Galatescu DAY2

Damir Doma a revenit in randul tinerilor designeri emblematici pentru Paris cu o colectie extrem de moderna, imceputa prinr-o sectiune aproape romantica, total alba, continuand cu tonuri de gri deschis si culminand cu interventii de culori intense, accente constructiviste si, in final, un negru total cu decupaje stelare, totul constituindu-se intr-un studiu elegant de asimetrii urbane si transformari indeite de trench-uri.

Style Shot for NYC Curb Appeal

During our New York visit in September we met lots of great people and we did pretty nice projects in collaboration with some cool websites and magazines. One day we met Shanita Sims and after a short coffee break in front of Lincoln Center we have decided to take some nice shots for her website.

BSB Flagship Store

Last week we have attended the BSB event and we celebrated with BSB team and some other wonderful people the launch of BSB FLAGSHIP STORE, on Calea Victoriei 103-105. We already had a BSB project, but we've been still surpised by the new items we found in the store. Cool and glam, the new collection deserves your attention! So ladies, make time for a shopping session!


Trends - Paris SS 2014 by Alin Galatescu DAY 1

Sezonul acesta, dupa multi ani, si  multe sezoane, nu am ajuns in orasul nostru de suflet, Paris. Nu am simtit vibe-ul orasului, nebunia din timpul fashion week-ului si nici frumusetea fashion show-urilor pariziene. Norocul nostru a fost ca prietenul Alin Galatescu a fost acolo si s-a intors cu cele mai hot noutati din sezonul SS2014. Enjoy it!


Morning Truths

This morning we did something different to normal. If our mornings start somewhere around 8 am in great pains and obvious difficulty, this time the morning started in an inspirational manner, even though the weather was not so friendly as it used to be weeks ago. When you start your day in a fluffy bed, with a room service cappuccino and you devour the Follie Follie gift bags you've just received, the morning gets brighter no matter what you'd say right now.


This autumn was and still is full of surpizes, new collections and unexpected changes. After our last project with BSB and after the launch event of their new store we have decided to choose some of the new items they have in the new fall-winter collection that fit just all occasions!