Shopping is our middle name...

Fabulous Shopping with otp bank card with alina tanasa and diana enciu.
Fabulous Shopping with otp bank card with alina tanasa and diana enciu.
Fabulous Shopping with otp bank card with alina tanasa and diana enciu.

Shopping is our middle name... 

A friend once told us that "Men believe that women's biggest dream is to find the perfect man, but in fact a woman's dream is to eat without getting fat". It was really funny, but we realized that in fact our greatest dream is to have a magic card with which we could make the greatest-humangous shopping sessions.

And you know it's true.
It's fun when you go out in the city, to the mall, but let's just be honest! In this century women are quite busy and they have no time, no patience, no nothing. And they just choose the easy way - the online shopping. We discovered the online shopping three years ago and since then we are addicted. It's so simple and cool and you can find so many beautiful clothes, accessories and in fact anything you need/want/desire. 

But the coolest thing about shopping online is that you can easily find designer items on SALE, 70% discounts and many promotions. And because lately we've become specialists in personal shopping which includes the online shopping we are about to tell you the tips&tricks a woman should know before starting a shooping orgy online. 

Fabulous Shopping with otp bank card with alina tanasa and diana enciu.


1.make a wishlist. Even if the product is more expensive than you actually afford, if you add it in your wishlist you will be informed when the product will be on sale. So you have a chance to actually buy it. It's about luck, about patience and it costs you just a click.

2.make a "what I need" list. It will be easier to decide what to add in your shopping bag and you' ll not be so impulsive. VERY IMPORTANT! Don't get too excited! Control yourself! (It's hard, we know, sometimes it kills your night time, but be tough!

3.check SALES. You might find amazing treasures that are waiting for you. So start with the SALE section. 

 4.measure your body if you wanna buy clothes! It's very important to know exactly what size you are wearing. Even if it's easy to return the products you better pick the right size from the start. Your time is precious! "Frequently asked questions". It's for your safety. the comments on the products. It's good to see what the other customers are saying about the product you wanna buy.

7.if you want a home delivery and if you want to track your order don't forget to write the shipping number. 

8.Use the OTP Bank Card! Why this one in particular? Because you can buy anything, anywhere in 6 monthly rates without any amounts. So you can buy whatever you want and pay it in half a year without paying extra money!!!

Isn't it fabulous??? OTP Bank Card is like the magic card that we were dreaming of all life.
And imagine that now you can have those expensive shoes and you won't have to pay a fortune on it cause the six rates will ease your budget suffering.

And who's gonna be the enviable now?

Fabulous Shopping with otp bank card with alina tanasa and diana enciu.

And this was our shopping list. Thanks to OTP we bought this fab items. You can buy them too...

ASOS Lobster Stripe Jumper
ASOS Africa Dress with Peplum and Floral Print
SKINNY CASE for MacBook Air 13
JCREW Necklace 
Moo Sunglasses
Moschino Sunglasses

iphone cases


Jean Paul Lespagnard & Hexa by Kuho FW2013

Jean Paul Lespagnard FW 2013 collection 
 Jean Paul Lespagnard & Hexa by Kuho FW2013
As we promised few days ago, today is the day dedicated to Jean Paul Lespagnard and Hexa by Kuho FW 2013 Collections. We have to admit that we didn't knew much about the two designers of the brands, but we've learned so much and with so much excitement after we attended the shows.
 Jean Paul Lespagnard FW 2013 collection
For the FW 2013 Collection, Jean-Paul Lespagnard was inspired by Dutch raditinal fisher women and the the pop universe of motocross. Making those two codified worlds collide, results into a contemporary, poetic, symbolically rich, practical and comfortable collection. The intersection is subtle and the graphical codes are almost subliminal.
Jean Paul Lespagnard FW 2013 collectionJean Paul Lespagnard FW 2013 COLLECTION
More than ten accessories accompanied the collection of 100 pieces, reflecting the optimism and the richness of Dutch culture: foulards, scarves, pendants, key chains, I Phone shells, ear warmers, ecological lanterns and motor cycle helmets, which placed Lespagnard  in the lead and helped him to earn extra points.

Hexa by Kuho FW 2013 collection
hexa by kuho FW2013

Jung Kuho's collection was characterized by straight and pure lines, with no frills, with a minimal palette, an invasion of leather and amazing platform shoes&boots.

“Nowadays, you have to fight for everything you want,” Kuho Jung mused at the end of his Hexa by Kuho fall-winter 2013 catwalk show. “You are the new resistance of this time.”

Hexa by Kuho FW 2013 collection
An impression of urban sophistication comes off these tailored flowing silhouettes which are stopped at the brink of austerity by a warming cream tone instead of white and flashes of yellow, raspberry red looks. Jung who launched 'KUHO' brand in Seoul at 1997 now has the likes of the likes of Garance Doré and Jessica Stam.
Hexa by Kuho FW 2013 collection
Hexa by Kuho FW 2013 Collection evokes very intriguing silhouettes that remind of military uniforms, silhouettes ready to invade the urban battlefield. Hexa by Kuho remains a brand of perfect shapes&cuts and convinced us that Jung deserves the ELLE award for the best young designer.
Hexa by Kuho FW 2013 collection

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Last day of Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week FW2013 street style with diana enciu and alina tanasa
Paris Fashion Week FW2013 street style with diana enciu and alina tanasa
Paris Fashion Week FW2013 street style with diana enciu and alina tanasa Paris Fashion Week FW2013 street style with diana enciu and alina tanasa
Paris Fashion Week FW2013 street style with diana enciu and alina tanasa
Paris Fashion Week FW2013 street style with diana enciu and alina tanasa
Paris Fashion Week FW2013 street style with diana enciu and alina tanasa

Last day of Paris Fashion Week

It started with a short date with the wonderful Isolda girls, continued with a caloric lunch at La Castiglione and ended with a coffee and a walk and some wonderful moments spent with our beloved Tiany Kiriloff a 24/7 addicted to fashion, journalist, fashion tv host, blogger, devoted mother of 2 wonderful kids and of the most amazing women we met. It was the best way to spend our last day, after 4 days of showroom visits, shows, dinners, meeting and projects.

Stay tuned to read the reviews of the Hexa by Kuho and Jean-Paul Lespagnard shows.

Friday Kisses

We were wearing:
Brunette: E.ENCIU full outfit, MOO sunglasses, Miu Miu Shoes, JCREW necklace
Blonde: Nicoleta Enea Skirt, H&M Sweater, Dior  Shoes, Moo Eyewear Sunglasses, Oana Lupas Coat
Street style photoS: talesforjuliette


"Make love & listen to the music''

street style fashion diana enciu alina tanasa with calvin kleinstreet style fashion diana enciu alina tanasa with calvin kleinstreet style fashion diana enciu alina tanasa with calvin kleinstreet style fashion diana enciu alina tanasa with calvin kleinstreet style fashion diana enciu alina tanasa with calvin klein 

Make love and listen to the music

Because it is spring already and the sun does his job and gives us the mood we've been waiting for all winter and in order to celebrate our next trip we created a fab playlist, perfect to get over our daily little dramas and absolutely necessary when we need to recall the best moments in our life.

1. Lana del Rey - Summertime Sadness  We turn the music up, we speed up and we just feel the amazing vibe!
2. Kings of Leon - Revelry  Memories, sunrises, laughters, happiness, shy kisses and a long way home... Put your headphones on and recall the most perfect moment in your life!
3. Adele - Skyfall NY memories...don't ask when, what and why! It just works when we feel down.
4. TLC - Creep Back home? Tired? Drink a glass of red wine, relax on the sofa, close your eyes and let the TLC do its job:))
5. Sparks - Good morning It works every morning! Try it!
6. Asaf Avidan - One Day Wild, crazy, ecstatic, positive, stupid and young...this is what we feel when we listen to this song!
7. James - Getting away with it For dancing naked in front of the mirror.  ALONE IN THE HOUSE of course:)
8. Room 5 - Make love&listen to the music Not in mood for dressing up, going out and live your life?! Turn on this song and you'll stay up all night!
9. Chvrches - Revover The best dose of positive energy!

And don't forget the most important thing about the music...when it hits you, you feel no pain.

And because sharing is caring, the good people over at Fashion Days, the biggest shopping club in Eastern Europe, are ready to award you with an awesome headset from CK Jeans in this really great bronze color that you can cool-wear any given day, to any given outfit.

Leave a comment below sharing your playlist (write your favorite 5 songs), follow FashionDays, @absolutelyfabulousteam and @absolutelyfabulousmagazine until Friday and just in time for the weekend, we’ll be announcing the lucky winner!

Good Luck!



Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: TOP 10 FW2013 Collections

TOP 10 FW2013 Collections

If you haven't decided yet which is your favorite collection from Paris Fashion Week we did a top 10, so now it would be easier to choose what to wear the next fall-winter season. Enjoy it!
lanvin fw 2013 collection


WHY: NO, not because they served popcorn before the show. No! But because every season Alber Elbaz comes with the most amazing ideas and the Lanvin collection is always something different.
WE LOVE: The statement necklaces, of course. We love them in every shape, weight and color, but the Lanvin pieces have their own language and a royal sense of glam. We love the ultra feminine yet playful touch, the patterns and the amazing mix of day&night elements of every outfit. In anybody else's hands, this could have been something of a mess; in Alber Elbaz's, it felt like freedom and fun. (
INSPIRATIONAL: The floral & bugs prints.
MUST HAVE :  Bold medallions and layered chains and pearls.
valentino fw2013 collection

WHY: Because it is Valentino! No, in fact, because the designers Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri juggle so well with the youthful innocence, the sophistication and elegance of the brand. But what we enjoy most is the bold approach of the designers.
WE LOVE: The Flemish inspiration. We love Vermeer and all his work. And you can see his presence in this amazing collection which takes you back in time and then back in the present in a very transcedental manner. Fashion and art make such a good team in this collection.
INSPIRATIONAL:  The portraiture work of Flemish painters transposed on the dresses. 
MUST HAVE: How about the whole collection, please!!! Yes, we should choose some specific items, but the decision is too hard to be made. 
 louis vuitton fw2013 collection

WHY: Because we all love the budoir. And this is what Marc Jacobs created with Louis Vuitton collection.We felt like we went back in time in the 20s - the feathers, the fur, the silk and leather, the attitude and the wigs, all had the OMG factor. What is incredible is that LV shows are so quick that at the end of the show you still wonder if it was real or it was only your imagination.
WE LOVE: For the first time we fell in love with the pijama dresses which are absolutely adorable.
INSPIRATIONAL: The budoir, which bits of the show in a intimate and emotional approach, the romantic view of the enigmatic girl that is dreaming of a luxury life. 
MUST HAVE: The silky coat and the pijama dress with a touch of lace.


WHY: Because Elie Saab has his own way to do it and he does it just fine. Once you love Elie Saab is no way back.
WE LOVE: The dresses, of course. He knows how to make a woman feel sexy and fabulous, he knows what men like to see and that's the recipe of success in a world that is all about sex and powe.
INSPIRATIONAL: The navy and black. There was sleek tailoring in crepe satin, and a few take-no-prisoners sheaths with waist-accentuating peplums topped by fitted jackets. A sweeter pinafore dress with a full skirt looked out of place among all that rigor. (
MUST HAVE: The long black sequin dress with deep V neck.

hermes fw2013 collection


WHY: So elegant and casual in the same time. Pure French! The cuts and the simplicity of a stylish french woman in the 21st century! If you like to be admired by women and men in the same time, Hermes is the answer.
WE LOVE: The leather skirts are amazing!
INSPIRATIONAL: The spirit of his collection this season felt guided by the spectral hand of the ultimate twisted Anglo, Alfred Hitchcock.
MUST HAVE: The crocodile brown leather skirt and the black dress with white stripe insertion.
kenzo fw2013 collection

WHY: Because of the tiny details, the mixt of patterns and fabrics, because of the oversized jackets and blouses, because of the amazing chaos that the two creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon put together in this fabulous KENZO collection.
WE LOVE: The long red coat with rounded boarders.
INSPIRATIONAL: The whole mix is innovative and lovely. Mettalic, multicolor ribbon prints and crocodile jacquards in glossy red or royal blue evoke the maximalist spirit.
MUST HAVE: The eye boots and the eye coat of course! Stop and stare!


WHY: The feminine and naughty touch - both in Viktor&Rolf collection -is just wonderful . The fight between the girl and the woman both in the same body.
WE LOVE: The bows, the clear cuts, the mirror black&white effect.
INSPIRATIONAL: The chessboard-style catwalk and collection all at once soft and dreamy, sharp and graphic.

MUST HAVE: The black dress with white sleeves.To die for!


WHY: Because the Giambattista Valli became more practical&urban this FW season. “This show is about my girls growing up, getting married, having babies and making things that are practical for them,” elaborated the designer.
WE LOVE: The red and leopard items and the amazing statement bracelets.
INSPIRATIONAL: The wearable luxury items, the modernity and sensible femininity discovered in every piece are just lucky ingredient of the show.
MUST HAVE: The flower costume! Definitely!!And the oversize lime embroidered coat.


WHY: We chose Céline because of the plainness of the cuts and color palette. Easy to wear, very versatile and comfortable, the collection is one of the most desirable collections of the season. Feminine and chic!
WE LOVE: We love the simplistic yet timeless look that Céline showcased this season.
INSPIRATIONAL: The contemporary approach of seventies working-woman silhouette
MUST HAVE: The oversize coats, the long boots, the dramatic mock turtleneck knits and the bags. “Forget the clutch,” one journalist said while leaving the show. “Those were hug bags.” 
dior fw2013 collection
10. DIOR

WHY: Because Raf Simons remakes some iconic Christian Dior mid-century designs in a very arty approach. Simons called the Dior collection “a natural falling in love” with a past era.“In Dior’s case, it was the Belle Epoque and in my case, midcentury,”
WE LOVE: We love the prints, the small paintings on the dresses which give that "je ne sais quoi" , the leather coat and the leather dress and the Dior’s classic Bar jacket in  wool-denim fabric.
INSPIRATIONAL:  The Dali surrealist motif was subtly explored in Dior Collection and mixed with Andy Warhol signature. A collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts resulted in dresses and clutch purses printed with Warhol’s charming late fifties and very early sixties paintings of fashions and shoes, the precursors to his Pop work, produced when he was a commercial artist working for magazines and advertising accounts. (
MUST HAVE: The black coat with deep V neck. 


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Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: MISBHV & be NA$TY

street style misbhv
street style fashion sweatshirt
street style fashion misbhvstreet style fashionstreet style misbhv sweaterMISBHV & be NA$TY

We are not princesses, witches nor aristocrats and we don't live in castles. We are not surrounded by emotional slaves, housekeepers and butlers and our job is not to fantasize. Shocking! I know!

Well yes, we are humans and we are who we are. No juggles, no artificial patterns or overstatements. Hard to believe, but this is the harsh truth. The fabulousness of our lives is given by the imperfection which we accept and enjoy, for good or for worse, always together.

What you see is what you get – a team
And because we've always been the good girls in the real story of life and things didn't get quite honest sometimes, we think it's just the proper time to MISBHV and get a little bit NA$TY. So we stick two fingers up to the world of meaning, convention, mediocrity, uniformity and order. And this is anarchy - the absence of any common standards.

Do you find yourself in situations when you just stop doing lots of things you would like just because others think you shouldn't? We know you do! But F*** it and do your thing! This is freedom! And this is the moment when you need an accompanying rock soundrack because you are gonna MISBHV and get NA$TY.



We were wearing:
Blonde: MISBHV Team Paris sweatshirt, Zara skirt, JCREW necklace, Moo Eyewear Sunglasses, TOPSHOP sandals
Brunette: MISBHV NASTY sweatshirt, H&M floral jacket, E.ENCIU leather pants, Moo Eyewear Sunglasses, Zara bag, Zara Dress, Anna dello Russo and H&M necklaces
*Foto:Constantin Stefanescu /


Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: Isolda Fabulous Prints

Lovely Ale Affonso Ferreira, Maya Pope &  Juliana Affonso Ferreira from ISOLDA

 Rose Assoulin, Maya, Ale, Peony Lim, Juliana, Leandra Medine-ManRepeller 
Juliana, Tamu McPherson, Viviana Volpicella, Helena Bordon, Ale, Monica Mendes, Elisa Nalin, Maya, Tiany Kiriloff

 Fabulous Isolda

Do you know that feeling when you meet someone for the first time and you have an immediate bound?

This is what happened when we met the three fairies from ISOLDA: Ale Affonso Ferreira, Maya Pope& Juliana Affonso Ferreira. After the first email they sent us we knew we were gonna love these wonderful women, their brand and the collection.

Everyone who knows Isolda is familiar with its passion for the exoticness and exuberant use of Brazilian fruits. For the Fall/ Winter 2013 collection - Everlasting Passion - this love story is still on, but this time painting passion flowers. The prints created by Alessandra are a unique work of art,  painted in watercolors and then digitalized.

Shirts, cigarette and flared trousers, 3D tops and dresses – one layer organza, one layer satin, both printed – flowing gowns make up the Winter of the brand and has become the taste of fashion setters around the world, such as Taylor Tomasi Hill, Miroslava Duma, Nasiba Adilova, Leandre Medine.

Everlasting Passion Collection by Isolda will be available on a trunk show at Moda Operandi in April 2013, on the 10th April at Le Bon Marché and at Boutique N, in Kuwait city and various multibrand stores in Brazil.

Don't miss all these beautiful prints! 
We know what we are talking about.
We absolutely adore our Isolda outfits. They are like a positive energy booster.
It's a must to have at least one piece.

 Street style photo: talesforjuliette
Show photos: