Absolutely Fabulous by D&A: 10 things we carry in our bags

 we carry in our bags

Lately we have a crush for small bags...unfortunately we have too many things to carry with us, but thank God we are innovative creatures and we easily find ways to solve this existential problem!

Because many of you asked us to bare the truth about the enigmatic content of our bags here is a short list of what we never forget home:

1. iPhone + iconemesis icases which we usually change 2/3 times a week
2. notebooks
3. nail polish - you never know when you need it - as you know, we love Dior&OPI
4. MAC lipstick - we love Lady Danger & Ruby Woo shades
5. sunglasses - lately we have a thing for Moschino, but we never forget about our love Ray Ban
6. iPod - for the moments we take short walks in the old center of the city
7. fragrance - we change it almost every day
8. fav. books - now we read  What I Loved & Cloud Atlas
9. trump card game - for lunch breaks when we are not in the mood for instagram and we need more amusement
10. MacBook & iPAD - YES, we love APPLE and we would die without our gadgets for sure!

And this is the the great disclosure of the mystery of our bags!

Check out tomorrow's post to see our PFW outfits
and read a short review about the Vivienne Westwood show!




Emma Davidson said...

love the perfume n heart shape glasses! xoxo

Viktoria said...

love this post!


Valentine Courtois said...

I love this post. The main red color makes the pictures very interesting.


<3 <3 <3

kamila said...

awesome ; o

i invite to me too


fashion4denis said...

from where did you purchase your notebooks? i want something like that.


Claire said...

i love dior nailpolish :)

Mar Garcia said...

love this post!
I like the rabbit case (:

GlamorousGirl said...

so cool!


Muhammad Sharjeel said...

woooooooowww niceeeeeeeeeeeee
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