Boat Party

“And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.” 
But sometimes all you need is just a small place, your best friends beside you and a sunny day. So we started early in the morning with a small party on a small boat, enjoying the sun, the breezy wind and the beautiful Black Sea. It was our first free weekend after 5 months of 24/7 work. 


At the Palace

How would it be to live in a palace? Hmmmm....Fabulous?!
Of course it would be more than fabulous and that there's no comparison to be made. Not long ago we discovered the Cesianu-Racovita Palace, a building with a fascinating history, now with a noble function: to house the works of art and a dedicated art development of the Romanian.


The Art of Travel

Travel could become our middle name. 'The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.'' and we would read all the pages in the world, everyday, at every hour, in every moment of our lives. So when the Wardrobe B team asked us to go on a short trip with them and enjoy a full weekend at the seaside, of course we could not say no and we sinned again.


Comme des Filles

When there's no other way just MISBHV. Don't think too much! 

Sometimes being different or just breaking the rules is the only good thing you could do for yourself.
So dare and be as free and spontaneous as you want!


The Planet Spa

It happened last week after four exhausting days&nights of work...A magic invitation from Avon Cosmetics to enjoy as many hours of relaxation we want. This was one of the few times we said no to work and yes to relaxing moments. So we said yes and we went to Orhideea Spa.

Fabulous Muses on Stockholm Streetstyle

Special Thanks to the the fab

See Blonde's outfit here
See Brunette's outfit here



Who's ready for summer

summer tips

Yes, we know that life and summer is better in flip flops, but what can we do. We are addicted to heels and we will probably never go back to our far away ex-love the flats. 


Romanian Design Week Preview Events 17-26 mai

Sustine designul romanesc alaturi de Peroni, sustinatorul modei si al designului romanesc, si nu rata Romanian Design Week Preview Events 17-26 mai.

Poti sa incepi cu expozitia centrala, care va avea loc la Palatul Stirbei (Calea Victoriei 107-109) si va putea fi vizitata intre 10:00-20:00 si sambata si vineri, 24 mai, de Noaptea Galeriilor pana la ora 01:00, si poti continua cu celelalte evenimente:

Movie Day in two

You know what is the problem? That we never see enough movies, even if go weekly to the cinema and we watch TV movies. We always want more. We want that progression of moods and feelings, the emotions and stories, because let's be honest...most of the times the riddles of life are answered in the movies. And what do you do when you come home earlier than you usually do?


Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair -18&19 May


Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair pre-summer edition te asteapta in acest week-end!

Sambata si Duminica, 18 si 19 mai, intre orele intre orele 11:00 – 19:00, la Hotel Ambasador, Bd. Magheru, no. 8-10, esti asteptata de Diana Enciu si Alina Tanasa la o sedinta de shopping absolut fabuloasa.


Romanian Design Week - The must attend event

Romanian Design Week 
The must attend event
17-26 mai, Bucuresti

Primul eveniment dedicat designului romanesc, cu peste 90 designeri din domenii precum arhitectura, design interior, fashion design, design de obiect, design digital, publicitate, graphic design si fotografie, va avea loc intre 17 si 26 mai.


How to Dress for Dinner Out

Dinner parties are usually intimate affairs among friends, so they're the perfect opportunity to play a dress up game if you have time to go home and change your work/office outfit or simply accesorize your day outfit and make it look different. No matter what you do, you should always look like you've put some thought in it.


Pamper Your Skin

5 ways to treat your skin with, Diana Enciu and Alina Tanasa, and AVON.
5 ways to treat your skin with, Diana Enciu and Alina Tanasa, and AVON.
5 ways to treat your skin

We know that there's no time for us, for our body and skin in this urban jungle, but we also know that beauty is not forever, so we do our best to treat our skin with tender loving care.



I am Absolutely Fabulous Tshirt soon at Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair with Diana Enciu and Alina Tanasa.

Because you asked for it, we have decided to bring the I am Absolutely Fabulous T-shirts at Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair, on 18&19 May. 

The Bloom

Street style photos with, diana enciu and alina tanasa, and quyen mike.

We dedicate this post to the absolutely fabulous friend of ours, Mike Quyen, the most amazing, talented and charming photographer we ever met.

Thank you darling!


THE Fashion Illustrator

What's your daily job? 

First of all I am a fashion designer so my everyday job is related with the production of MARCHE clothing line. But I also draw illustrations everyday. It's part of the job and I love it.


Midday Outfits with BSB

Street style with Fabulous Muses, Diana Enciu and Alina Tanasa, and BSB.

Our lives are fabulous! Exclamation point! But it's not like we bathe in champagne all day long, go to SPA twice a day or party all night long...Well we sometimes do it...Our lives are fabulous because we love our job and we do everything we do with passion and love.


That moment when...

Street style with Maria Lucia Hohan dresses and fabulous muses - diana enciu and alina tanasa. have no clue what to write about, when everything seems too good, or too bad to be true, when all you want is your future holiday to become reality sooner, when you wake up, make a coffee, sit on your desk and ask do I feel today, where the hell are my words, who stole them and when they will come back!?


Fabulous Day with STEFANEL

Fabulous day with STEFANEL

What could a woman dream of?

Hmmm...not hard to imagine. Perfect life, clothes, an amazing boyfriend, cosmetics, trips, jewelry, the perfect know...THE USUAL.


New GRAND Project of Fabulous Muses

fabulous muses - diana enciu and alina tanasa in the grand avenue magazine

Here is a preview of one of our favorite collaborations ever. Wonderful team, great days spent together, neverendindays&nights of work&fun - an amazing project which we believe in.


There's just something about mornings...

fabulousmuses, diana enciu, alina tanasa, street style fashion

Do you know that perfect morning when you wake up early at 7am with your bed bathed in sunbeams or that morning when you bend your arm on the other side of the bed and you look for him, but you realize he is in the kitchen making coffee for both of you, or that perfect time when you open your eyes and his eyes are opened already checking every cm of your skin?