Boat Party

“And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.” 
But sometimes all you need is just a small place, your best friends beside you and a sunny day. So we started early in the morning with a small party on a small boat, enjoying the sun, the breezy wind and the beautiful Black Sea. It was our first free weekend after 5 months of 24/7 work. 

And because we don't know when we will have time for such magic moments in the near future we threw a party for the close friends only. No party-planning guides, no steps to be followed in organizing this gathering, just champagne and Nicolas Jaar music.

But if you have the Great Gatsby spirit running through your veins this summer we have some solutions for you. Just check the...

Book a ticket, have the best time of your life and enjoy the summer!


Foto: Virgil Hritcu Foto assistant:Bogdan Suditu 



Anonymous said...

Alina, trebuie sa ne dezvalui trucurile tale pentru o coafura perfecta de blonda! Your hair looks great!

Claudia Lazar said...

Lovely!! <3

Emanuel I. said...

Superba locatia, fabuloase voi.
Mega LIKE!

fashion4denis said...

very nice outfits, especially the one of the brunette

Viktoria said...

simply gorgeous!

simona hassou said...

this pictura are amazing great job

Vlada Cotorobai said...


Ed Kavishe said...

where's my invite?