THE Fashion Illustrator

What's your daily job? 

First of all I am a fashion designer so my everyday job is related with the production of MARCHE clothing line. But I also draw illustrations everyday. It's part of the job and I love it.
THE Fashion Illustrator

When did you start drawing illustrations?

I was always drawing. I started drawing fashion illustrations recently...more exactly in February, this year and the feedback was amazing. 

Who buys them?  

What or who inspires you?

My biggest inspiration comes from street style. People are so fashionable these days. My muse since forever is the hip-hop model Amber Rose.

What's your technique? Any secrets that you wanna share?

Maybe the secret is that I draw people more beautiful than they are in real life. And this is also because as a child I wanted to become a plastic surgeon...I was ready even to go to he medical school :)) And now I am just drawing people and make them look pretty and special.

How much it takes to make an illustration? 

For one illustration I spend one hour.

You do illustrations as a hobby, is it a native talent or you attended design classes?

It's a small gift from birth, but I have been drawing since I was a child and of course I graduated Art School.

In the first place it's was only a hobby, but since I received lots of compliments and proposals to collaborate and  work for magazines, bloggers and designers, I have decided to become a fashion illustrator.

How did you discovered us?

I don't remember how did I found your photo from Paris Fashion Week. At that time I didn't know who you were. I just know that I really loved your style and wanted more informations about you. I even posted a photo on my Instagram and wrote a mini story to express my admiration for you and after I looked for more photos of you cause I wanted to draw even more, to enjoy your style. I looked for you everywhere. You were my muses. And the next day you found me and I was so happy. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to find you and you found me first. I was so excited. Thank you , girls.

Who are your favorites characters in the fashion industry?

Of course Absolutely Fabulous girls Alina Tanasa and Diana Enciu, Ulyana Sergeenko and Amber Rose (my hip-hop muse).

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