It's The Little Things...

It's The Little Things That Makes Living Worthwhile. The little things we sometimes forget about. Holding hands, enjoying the silence, feeling the breeze, listening the sound of waves, feeling the sand with your feet, laughing with no reason and just finding happiness in simple things.

We should all try from time to time to give a break to this crazy life and stop the glorification of always being busy.

And don't forget you were meant for amazing things...So just try to make time for the silence you deserve.


Foto: Virgil Hritcu Foto assistant:Bogdan Suditu 



ZADIN said...

Sunt foarte norocoasă din acest punct de vedere... îmi permanenţă prioritizez hrana sufletească faţă de cea trupească.

Christina said...

I cannot agree more!!
my personal favorite is sitting by the sea and just enjoying the view!!

Bisous from STYLE FEST

fashion4denis said...

abia astept sa merg si eu la mare. Traiesc tot anul pentru zilele de vara in care merg la mare.

Federova said...

Ce poze superbe!! Bv!