La vie est belle

A new website dedicated to cool people&fab outfits has been launched this month and you should check it out! Also check out our interview here.Enjoy it!


AVON and INSTAGRAM have an affair!

You all know that we love Instagram and we are part of Avon family...So when they told us they are going to do the first interactive video campaign on Instagram we were like...OMG that 's so cool. Congratz! We discovered Instagram gew years ago, we fell in love and since then we never broke up with him.


Engagement Game

Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness. And once you found it you better do all you possibly can to never lose it. And as we all are diamonds fans and as we all have been dreaming of THE proposal since we were little girls we couldn't say no to a bride game. Perfect engagement rings, perfect dresses and the perfect time for an all white game.


About style with ELLE Magazine

Sometimes friends all over the world call us to let us know that they disvcovered photos and articles about us in glossy magazines, but this time, in this righ moment, we have that pleasure to share with you, our beloved,  a new article freshly published in ELLE Romania.


David Beckham Bodywear for H&M Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign

David Beckham has officially launched his latest H&M collection with a new campaign after the fashion brand and former footballer teased fans this week by trickling out some campaign shots on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 


Pandora Jewelry - Enchanted AW Collection 2013

The changing beauty and eternal mystery of the forest comes to life in a collection that pays homage to its splendour and fairytale. This season PANDORA travels to a magical universe of enchantment and wonder, capturing the ever-changing splendor of the forest in Autumn. 


Summer Holiday

Since we are always working, our best holiday memories are definitely when we go together on business trips all over the world or in the country. But this summer, the unexpected happened. We have spent our too short summer holiday in two different ways, in two different countries, and surprisingly we even had one of our best times, even if we haven't been together.


Gossip break with Bianca Ionita

These weeks we have had some pleasant moments spent with some of the most wonderful people we ever met. Thanks to the share a Coca-Cola project, which was a great motivation for us and made us schedule the meetings we couldn't find time for in the last two months, we succeded in meeting the blonde princess, Bianca Ionita. Of course we had fun, we have gossiped about everything in this world, talked about our tattoos, our dogs, engagement rings and everything a girl could talk about.


Win a ticket & watch The Bling Ring

Vrei sa vezi ultimul film al Sofiei Coppola si sa descoperi garderobele vedetelor? Esti nerbadatoare sa o vezi pe Emma Watson si Tanissa Farmiga, Kirsten Dunst, Paris Hilton si Lindsay Lohan? Nimic mai simplu! Scrie-ne in garderoba carei vedete ti-ar placea sa poti intra si de ce si poti castiga un bilet la filmul The Bling Ring!
Emma Watson si Taissa Farmiga, dar si momente absolut spectaculoase cu Paris Hilton, Kirsten Dunst si Lindsey Lohan! - See more at:
Emma Watson si Taissa Farmiga, dar si momente absolut spectaculoase cu Paris Hilton, Kirsten Dunst si Lindsey Lohan! - See more at:


Fun Break with Malvina Cservenschi

What to do when you have a very short lunch break? Go having lunch? Wrong! You just go and pay a very short visit to one of your dearest. We surprised her at the office and we had such an amazing time with Malvina Cservenschi gossiping, sharing a Coca-Cola and updating eachother with the latest news. It has been more than wonderful to see her again and because we wanted to share with you a little bit about her we did a very short interview about this amazing princess who creates for Malvensky Jewelry.


Goddess Dress

The temperatures are tropical, the sun is shining brighter than ever and we can hardly resist to wear the shortest skirts and dresses, just hoping we will feel better! Well, bad news, girls, coz nothing will stop the heat. So why don't we just keep on being fabulous and show off our sense of summer style. Our suggestion for a hot summer outfit whether you are on holiday or in the city working your ass off for the autumn projects is to wear this uber cute dresses by Katttja.


THE BLING RING & the fab muses

Ar avea oare sens sa va spunem ca suntem innebunite dupa accesorii, haine, pantofi si ca viata noastra se desfasoara uneori ca un film? Nu, doar stiti deja!
Oare cui nu i-ar placea sa traiasca in casa lui Paris Hilton si Orlando Bloom macar pentru cateva zile. Cui nu i-ar placea un dressing fabulos si cui nu i-ar placea sa aiba orice isi doreste, in orice moment al zilei?