AVON and INSTAGRAM have an affair!

You all know that we love Instagram and we are part of Avon family...So when they told us they are going to do the first interactive video campaign on Instagram we were like...OMG that 's so cool. Congratz! We discovered Instagram gew years ago, we fell in love and since then we never broke up with him.

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone and we all love to take photos. But what to do with plenty of images we want to share. Of course we instagram it! Even if you are not famous, even if you don't work in PR or Marketing you live in this era where sharing is carring and everyone (even our parents) has instagram.

Back to Avon and Instagram affair...The AVON girls, named LIKE, LIVE and LOVE embraced the challange and started an adventurous story where shopping, cute guys, fun and fashion were the key words. Their adventure was all shot with iPhone Camera and reveals three personalities in which you will recognize yourself, for sure.

If you wanna discover the girls and their story, Avon has a contest for you, so read more here.
The idea is very simplle. Open Instagram, follow @avonspace and then find the hashtag that has the power to make you a winner...and that is #castigasupershock.

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In time for fashion said...

Cool campaign! Like it!

Anonymous said...

Best campaign, till now!