Fun Break with Malvina Cservenschi

What to do when you have a very short lunch break? Go having lunch? Wrong! You just go and pay a very short visit to one of your dearest. We surprised her at the office and we had such an amazing time with Malvina Cservenschi gossiping, sharing a Coca-Cola and updating eachother with the latest news. It has been more than wonderful to see her again and because we wanted to share with you a little bit about her we did a very short interview about this amazing princess who creates for Malvensky Jewelry.

Black or White: White / Day or Night: Day / Summer or Winter: Summer / America or Europe: Europe / Books or Movies: Books

You are curious about: Human nature
Favorite movie/book character: Melancholia/Dr Ernest Lash 
What do you hate the most: I don’t hate because hate comes back to you
What do you love the most: Love
Something that people don't know about you: I know how to drive a truck
A defect and a quality that makes you one of a kind: My curiosity, My creativity

5 things you believe in: Psychotherapy, Music, Trust, Friendship, Ambition
5 things you don t believe in: Weaknesses, Lies, Social conditioning, Capitalism, Avarice
5 things you would die for: I wouldn’t die for anything, unless my life saved another dear person’s life  
5 things you ll take on a desert island: A book by Irvin D. Yalom, My Ipod, A game of chess, A vanilla latte, A set of jewelry albums

Malvensky is for you an inspiration because it challenges me every day.

In the future you see yourself a happy woman with no regrets.


Foto: Constantin Stefanescu



Nicolene Richards said...

I am smitten with your colour schemes and outfits, and the post exudes energy, perhaps the sugar laden drinks!

Iliyana Licheva said...

love it!

Viktoria said...

you look gorgeous!!!

LOLA FINN said...

Very cool and iteresting :D
Girls, you all look so stylish and beautiful :)

Ruxandra said...

Ok girls... You really are FAB!
Din pacate eu nu am reusit sa-mi personalizez doza de cola si nici cu numele meu nu gasesc...

zig zag said...

You look amazing! great shots!

zig zag said...

You look amazing!Great shots!

zig zag said...

You look amazing!Great shots

Ivona said...

You look amazing!Great shots