Avon Beauty Service

AVON Romania lanseaza AVON Beauty Service, primul serviciu gratuit de make-up la tine acasa sau la birou! Noi deja l-am testat! AVON Romania aduce frumusetea si secretele ei mai aproape de tine, prin lansarea primei aplicatii de Facebook in cadrul careia te poti inscrie pentru o sedinta gratuita de make-up.


Paris, je t’adore

Girls, we have a new city for you and your friends where you can spend some fabulous days. Yes, it’s Paris… the most romantic and one of the greatest places in the world. We've missed it this autumn, as we missed Paris Fashion Week, but what can you do when work calls and you have to make one of the hardest decisions in the world. We tell you what we did! We've been two responsible muses and cheated Paris with some awesome projects. Back to our Paris recommandations, here you have five good reasons to choose this city for your holiday!

Visit @ Atelier Louis Vuitton Soho

New York-area Louis Vuitton lovers or simply Louis Vuitton lovers and tourists in New York, don't miss the Atelier Louis Vuitton Soho! In our last day in NY we have visited the shop where we met the artisan who is in charge of hand-paint customizations and monogram stamps, learned about her amazing techniques and {finally} had a cup of good-strong coffee with the LV team.


Motivi - 20 years celebration

Last Friday we had a date with the new Motivi store in Baneasa Shopping City. What was the reason? The celebration of 20 years from the launch of the brand Motivi. The new location and the new Motivi Collection were again reasons to come and celebrate alongside fashion journalists and fashion bloggers.

Fabulous Muses & L'Oréal

What happens when you start a new collaboration? This happens! A wonderful photo shoot! Even if we are used to coordonate and oganize everything about every project on our website and not only on our website ( yes, we are control freaks), this time it was a little bit different. When you meet  L'Oréal team you understand that you only have to act, be or at least pretend you are a princess.Why? We think it's obvious!


NYFW - Day 5

The 5th day was a day dedicated to a long walk and a Starbucks breakfast in Central Park  where we met a romanian fan of our blog ( lovely moment!), a day dedicated to neverending meetings and to Badgley Mischka show, the only one that we managed to attend on that sunny, perfect day. Just enjoy the photos of Josefina Andres.



THE CHARITY FAIR initiative is a wonderful support through a unique fundraising concept for associations and foundations. THE CHARITY FAIR brings together brands of perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, well-known  designers clothes and hand-made items and gives you the opportunity to buy products whose prices will reach a share of the Valea Plopului community thru ProVita association.


NYFW - Day 4

We are two lucky girls...and we are very graceful for all the super nice things that happen to us every single day. We started our 4th day of NYFW with a photo shoot near the Brooklyn Bridge with Dvora, continued with a walk in the Civic Center of NY and because we were downtown we went on Bleeker street, had a short walk in the West Village and then ended our break at Magnolia Bakery and finally had a cup of good coffee, some absolutely yummy cupcakes, while reading our  new books from Bookmarc.

Fab Prices for Beijing Flights

Last evening we've been invited by KLM team to a wonderful dinner to discover the new campaign www.doarsasezile.ro, the fab prices for North America, South America, Asia and Africa. The stars of this promotion are the flights to Beijing (from 412 euro), New York (from 499 euro), Shanghai (from 599 euro) and Buenos Aires (from 599 euro).


Come&Celebrate 20 years of MOTIVI

We've been chalanged to write about how was fashion in the last 20 years, which are the changes, how was fashion 20 years ago and how it is today. Somehow we think that fashion has always been what it is today...We reinvent over and over again in different manners everything that has been done till now.

Travel with style with Flying Blue Gold

Yes! The flight to New York is not one of the most pleasant things to do in this life, buuuut we were more than happy when we received our Flying Blue Gold Cards from Air France. Since then the Bucharest-Paris-New York flight became more than fabulous! We tell you one thing about these magic cards, they worth it and you should get one!


Noua aplicatie Fashion Days

Timp? Ce n-am da sa cumparam zilnic o ora, chiar doua in plus! Timpul a devenit extrem de important si cele mai eficiente metode de shopping sunt cele online. Nu de putine ori am comandat haine intre doua intalniri, intr o pauza de masa sau in timp ce eram blocate in trafic. Simplu, eficient si la un click distanta. In plus iti vin acasa si ai mereu impresia ca primesti un cadou, astfel ca entuziasmul e cu atat mai mare. Traim intr o lume a aplicatiilor si nu mai putem trai fara Iphone oricat de greu ne-ar fi sa recunoastem. It's a fact!

New Contest

Nici nu am revenit bine in tara si deja avem un nou concurs pentru tine. Pentru ca nu este prima data cand iti propunem sa te inspiri din tinutele noastre TeX exclusiv la Carrefour si pentru ca mereu feedback-ul tau a fost unul pozitiv si mereu ai fost mirata si incantata de versatilitatea acestor piese, ne-am gandit sa te implicam intr-un nou proiect.

NYFW - Day 3

NYFW and NYC became better and better...and when Dvora called us to propose a fab project for an absolutely fab NY website we were more than excited! Not only because the project was super nice, but also because we had the chance to shoot in some iconic spots of the city. So on our 3rd day we went to Central Station for the first round of photos. We loved it... and how could we not?!


NYFW - Day 2

Our second day of New York Fashion Week 2014 was dedicated not only to work, but to fun too. After the Zimmermann, Noon by Noor and Nautica shows, we have visited the Lulu Frost showroom and met the lovely  designer, Lisa Salzer. We had a great time and an absolutely awesome day wandering the streets of NYC.


Fabulous application by miniPRIX

Have you ever thought how cool would it be to buy clothes and accesories while you are travelling, stuck in traffic or simply when you are out for a coffee?! Couple of years ago this was a dream, but today this is possible and super easy. We love miniPRIX store and we found lots of treasures on their website and we've been more than happy to discover their new application where you can search, find and buy super nice pieces.


In love with L'Oréal team

Maybe you saw that lately we are very happy and bright... And this is because we are very much in love. Yes, ladies, we have boyfriends, but this is a subject we are not going to talk about very soon:)) But this love  that we wanna talk about today is brand new...We are in love with L'Oreal team.


It's time for NYFW - Day 1

September is the best month of the year! The September issues, the fashion weeks, the most stylish people, all together for the same reason...The love for fashion. So this year we had on our to do list the fabulous city - New York, but not only because it's the most amazing city in the world, but for the New York Fashion Week.


Fashionary Book for Fashionitas

Notebook, paper, workbook, post it, appointments diary?! It's a new era. And now we use Fashionary and that's what you should do too. "FASHIONARY" comes from "Fashion + Dictionary + Diary". The sketchbook is combined with extensive fashion information and blended figure templates. It is the perfect tool for brainstorming, fast sketching, quick referencing and any other information we need to put on paper.

Ferrari Experience

Last week we had the pleasure to be involved in a very nice project for Ferrari by Laura Musat. So wespent a whole afternoon with Silvia and Adina an enjoy the Ferrari Store, that by the way it's a place where you can have a cup of coffee, buy Ferrari goodies and clothes.


Campania pentru sanatatea sanilor

Citind statisticile ne intristam...Cancerul la san este principala cauza a mortalitatii in randul femeilor. In fiecare an sunt inregistrate peste 6000 de noi cazuri. 'Implica-te pentru ea. Afla ca e bine!” este mesajul celei mai noi campanii de comunicare lansata de AVON, parte a programului de educare si informare despre cancerul la san.


Beauty Lasts Forever

Beauty is in the heart of the beholder and the best cosmetic for a woman it is said to be happiness, but we believe that a woman needs more to conserve the inside-out beauty. A woman needs to rejuvenate her skin as she needs to keep her spirit young, wild and free.


New York I love you

It’s the easiest question that we've ever heard. Why? Why? There are lots of  fabulous reasons to chose  New York for your holiday. Count from 1 to 6 and we’ll tell you what are the things that you have to do in this “BIG APPLE”.


Gisele the new ‘voice’ of H&M Fall 2013 Collection

The supermodel Gisele Bundchen who has appeared in H&M’s spring-summer 2011 campaign is back and ready to surprise us.


Candy Icase for you!

As we are iphone obsessed, accesories addicted and always with our iphones in our hands, we always need new icases. And thank God that we found Candies and its absolutely adorable iphone cases two years ago during Paris Fashion Week.