Visit @ Atelier Louis Vuitton Soho

New York-area Louis Vuitton lovers or simply Louis Vuitton lovers and tourists in New York, don't miss the Atelier Louis Vuitton Soho! In our last day in NY we have visited the shop where we met the artisan who is in charge of hand-paint customizations and monogram stamps, learned about her amazing techniques and {finally} had a cup of good-strong coffee with the LV team.
If you happen to be in Soho you have to see this gorgeous space, get your own personal stamp on your luggage tags ( and have a unique shopping experience) or at least enjoy the last Louis Vuitton Collection.

Big kisses,

*For our flight to NY we have chosen Air France (5 flights/day to NY, from Paris).

Foto: Josefina Andres
Brunette: 1984dream shirt, Ralph Lauren Jeans, Kenzo Jeans, JCREW Necklaces, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Lulu Frost Bracelet
Blonde: Louis Vuitton Bag, Dior Shoes, Kristina Dragomir Hat, Lacoste Shirt, H&M Trench Coat, DKNY Sunglasses



In time for fashion said...


Desirèe D'Aloia said...

soooo fab!!!!

mariposa said...

Great post!!! congrats..
xxx from germany

MuCinCeai said...

Trenciul Alinei este suberb. And the..."face hat" - an IT item definitely!
Apropo, ce parere aveti despre:


Anna77MICH said...

WOW! So cool! Great photos!
Kisses from Germany- Anna

Stephanie Lam said...

That looks like such an amazing experience!!


Camille Danielle said...

Amazing looks. I love coat from H&M <3

Anonymous said...

I love that hat:X