Make a statement

Queen* 1. The wife of a king. 2. Something having eminence or supremacy in a given domain and personified as a woman. Well...this is how we felt for 24 hours! It’s been a long time coming but finally we can share with you the exciting collaboration we had few weeks ago. While trying to discover a perfect outfit for a black tie event, when we almost gave up the idea that we'll never find the perfect Oscar dress, a great sign appeared! We received an unexpected proposal. Meeting place: Casa Vernescu, Team: only creative people, Dresses: Cristallini, Mission: Make a statement.


Just an ordinary day

Yes, sometimes it seems we find life so easy. It seems we glide effortlessly upwards and onwards, always doing the right things whatever the situation. People tell us we seem happy, content and ready to roll with life's punches and they ask the key of our everyday smile.Well there's no key, no guide, no rules, ladies. Just learn to shrug off adversity more easily and be happier, calmer and become a positive person. That's it! And enjoy our photos realized in collaboration with :)


Perfect gift - Premiere Luxe Fragrance

Already wondering about perfect gifts for Christmas? Well we already have an answer! If you have a best friend, or if you simply want to make your mother happy, you can offer her one of the hottest fragrances ever, Premiere Luxe or you can just wrap up o beautiful case with AVON Luxe products.


Magic Universe

The story of our lives lies in the details, beautifully wrapped elements which remind us what we need to be reminded the most - the important people we love, the good and the bad times that made us the women we are today. But what if we are too busy to leave a little space just for memories? Don't worry. It's simple, you wear a little charm with you everyday, just to be sure you'll never forget the most important moments in your life!

Perfect legs

Time! Yes, our biggest problem ever! Most of us barely have time to get out the door with the teeth brushed or make up on before we commute to the office early in the morning, but having perfect legs is not a luxury anymore! Now you can easily boost your sex-appeal and have flawless legs, lady! And believe us, it is not so hard to get fabulous legs! Anytime, anyhow, anywhere, no matter what season is you can always keep them looking beautiful.(read more and discover our contest)


Perfect Autumn Day

Smile, it's free therapy and you should try it every single day. It works for us and for sure it will work for you too. No matter what happens in your life it's better to not forget to be kind and smile a lot. Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all great gestures perfect to almost to turn a life around sometimes. And we better pay more attention to all these simple, but so important things. And today we smile because...


13th edition of AVANPREMIERE Gala

Because we believe in talents, young designers and Romanian creative minds, we proudly announce the 13th edition of the AVANPREMIERE Gala, that will take place on November 19th. Nine Romanian designers will be presenting their SS 2014 collections and their previews of 2015's fashion trends.


A perfect morning starts with Louis Vuitton

It was a wonderful surprise to receive early in the morning the latest Louis Vuitton campaign booklet. The drama and the fantasy of L'invitation au Voyage - Venice simply astonished us and because we cannot keep only fot us all these magnificent scenes with Arizona Muse and David Bowie we invite you to enjoy the story....


Trends - Paris SS 2014 by Alin Galatescu DAY9

Paris Fashion Week a fost, din nou, centrul de interes maxim al lumii modei pentru sezonul primavara vara 2014. A reusit sa fie acelasi creuzet creativ, acelasi spatiu elevat, in care, cei mai multi dintre designerii cu adevarat valorosi ai lumii ne-au oferit viziunile lor privind moda viitorului. Finalul acestui maraton de 9 zile a apartinut show-ului de retragere a lui Marc Jacobs de la Louis Vuitton.


Inside/Out (Black&White) @ Galateca
Which is one of our favorite places? Galateca! A gallery of contemporary art, situated in one of the most beautiful squares in Bucharest. A developing project, Galateca sets out to present major contemporary international artists to the Romanian public, thus creating a platform for all kind of collaborations, like the one we have developed together. This is the place you have to visit once in a while, or if you ask us, once a month. Why? Because once a month you can enjoy a new exhibition. If you've just decided to visit it, let us tell you more about the exhibition Inside/Out (Black&White)...

Trends - Paris SS 2014 by Alin Galatescu DAY8

Parisul se apropie de sfarsit. Finalul este insa unul grandios, Chanel deschizand ziua cu un show extrem de bine primit, marcand deja un record: cea mai mare galerie de arta folosita vreodata pentru o prezentare de moda, peste 180 de metri de podium si zeci de lucrari coordonate magistral de emblema absoluta a secolului 21 in moda si relatia acesteia cu lumea artistica: Karl Lagerfeld.


The fab life of a flight attendant
Amazing job to be a flight attendant! We've been dreaming about this since we were  two little girls. And since it used to be one of the most important jobs for women, dedicated only to beautiful and smart girls, this privilage to be a stewardess was more than a simple job. Travel, fun, money, adventure, new poeple, amazing time and fabulous costumes. All the igredients for a perfect job.


10 best designer collaborations with H&M

Before the Isabel Marant pour H&M Collection let's just make a short brief and remember the best 10 collaborations of H&M with 10 fabulous designers. Enjoy it!


Trends - Paris SS 2014 by Alin Galatescu DAY7

Inceputul zilei a fost unul incantator cu o colectie comerciala, dar cu multe surprize oferita de Stella McCartney in aceeasi extraordinara locatie, Opera Garnier. Tot in aceasta dimineata l-am intalnit pe tanarul designer roman Ioana Ciolacu aflat in echipa Stellei McCartney, ca invitat in backstage, urmare a premiului remarcabil cucerit la Berlin, colectia premiata de Stella urmand a fi dezvoltata si prezentata in cadrul Galei Avanpremiere 13 din luna noimebrie. Un alt moment fun al diminetii a fost vizionarea acestei colectii din ”gradinita” Stellei McCartney impreuna cu doua dadace, 7 copii dintre care 3 chiar ai Stellei McCartney si cativa parinti din randul personalului acesteia - a fost foarte fun.

AVON lanseaza cel mai mare lant de magazine online

AVON lansează în România cel mai mare lanţ de magazine online, în cadrul unei platforme integrate de comerţ electronic, AVON Online. Platforma nou-creată marchează trecerea către un nou model de business, prin care frumusețea este mai accesibilă ca oricând.


HariTHanD Jacket Collection

Discover the Young Lebanese based label, HariTHanD. A line that reflects the butterfly woman, HariTHanD is concretely translated in petals shapes. Mostly inspired by the orchid flower the creations magnify twisted layers & belted waists. Influenced by beauties from the glamorous fifties, the brand is a recipe of luxury embracing sophistication and uses only rich textures and exquisite leathers.

Trends - Paris SS 2014 by Alin Galatescu DAY6

Parisul vibreaza inca de dimineata: urmeaza cel mai asteptat show din punct de vedere al surprizelor  Paris Fashion Week: Celine, a revolutionarei Phoebe Philo. Toata lumea astepta sa vada ce iepure mai scoate din joben reinventatoarea minimalismului in secolul 21. Nici de asta data cunoscatorii si publicul nu au fost dezamagiti. Phoebe si-a pastrat pasiunea pentru simplitate insa acum a fost dublata de studii complexe, pliseuri si de imprimeuri tribale ori urbane intense. 


Reasons to love your job

We are absolutely sure that you all know that we are not only bloggers and if you don't know it yet, we think it's time to find the 'news'. Since our schedule is the most diverse ever some would say maybe it is too much (like our mothers for example). We have the PR&events agency, we do fashion PR and organize events, we do styling and personal shopping and we write for various magazines and websites. Well yes, it might be too much sometimes, and we might feel exhausted, but guess what?! We love our job and we feel pretty lucky. Why? Here you have a full list of best reasons ever to love our job...