Just an ordinary day

Yes, sometimes it seems we find life so easy. It seems we glide effortlessly upwards and onwards, always doing the right things whatever the situation. People tell us we seem happy, content and ready to roll with life's punches and they ask the key of our everyday smile.Well there's no key, no guide, no rules, ladies. Just learn to shrug off adversity more easily and be happier, calmer and become a positive person. That's it! And enjoy our photos realized in collaboration with www.ele.ro. :)

Foto: Catalin Muntean
Make-Up: Ioana Cristea
Hair: Alina Cotta 

Blonde: Red Valentino Handbag, H&M Coat, Isolda Tshirt, Anna dello Russo by H&M Necklace, Super Jeans Jeans, Zara Sandals
Brunette: Elisabetta Franchi Pants, JCREW Bracelets, Marc Jacobs Handbag, Michael Kors Sandals, Eugenia Enciu Blouse, H&M Sunglasses



Desirèe D'Aloia said...

Beautiful looks!!!


Sarah Thompson said...

Highlighting the feminine, make your life full of color seen here