{Brunettes are Absolutely Fabulous - Sweatshirt}

NOW you can buy the {Brunettes are Absolutely Fabulous - Sweatshirt} Sweatshirt ( size S, M, L)


{Blondes are Absolutely Fabulous - Sweatshirt}

NOW you can buy the {Blondes are Absolutely Fabulous} Sweatshirt ( size S, M, L)

{Brunettes are Absolutely Fabulous - Tshirt}

NOW you can buy the {Brunettes are Absolutely Fabulous} T-shirt ( size S, M, L)

{Blondes are Absolutely Fabulous - Tshirt}

NOW you can buy the {Blondes are Absolutely Fabulous} T-shirt ( size S, M, L)

Shopping Hysteria

Everybody wants their life to be like Diana Vreeland's or Anna dello Russo's. Who wouldn't? You have to admit it! You have to admit you are addicted to fashion and shopping! And because we understand that sometimes this passion for fashion can become pretty uncontrollable and pricey we have some good news ladies. Today along with Patrizia Pepe we talk about the quickest way to get to know a woman - to go shopping with her. Get ready for an absolutely fabulous shopping session and embrace the magic of a dress up game.


Big girls need big diamonds

Diamonds are a girl's best friend it is said. For us things are a little bit different. We believe that true and real friends are like diamonds - bright, beautiful, valuable and always in style. And when this real friend is addicted to statement jewelry like you are, this is just a perfect match. It is true that lately we are not quite in the mood for accesorizing, but how could we say no to this amazing pieces from Borealy. Honestly as much we would say no to jewelry we cannot help ourselves. We know it's not what you have on the outside that glitters in light, it's what you have on the inside that shines in the dark, but let's just be honest and admit the truth - glitter is never enough.


Exploring the streets of Paris

Everytime we go through our photos on instagram we instantly get back in the wonderful trips we enjoyed last year. It's true that we travel a lot, but it is also true that almost every trip is never longer than four days, not enough to discover the city and its attractions. But this time, since we didn't visit Paris during fashion week, we took advantage of this opportunity and extended our stay with two days. So before the Louis Vuitton #secretplaces experience, which was a surprise to be organized just for us, we set out to explore the city streets. We forgot about cabs, metro, meetings and schedules and we simply enjoyed the sights which ranged drastically, from flower markets, shops, fashion exhibits to vintage fairs and long walks in Tuileries Garden.


Paris is always a good idea

Venturing back to our last days in Paris, these are the photos we took during the single free day we had to do whatever we wanted to. As you can obviously see, we did a very common thing in a very common way. We had a cup of coffee in Place Colette, nearby our hotel, wearing two casual dresses from Maria Lucia Hohan and the 'very special edition' sunglasses from Moo. Honestly, do you know any other pleasant way to spend your Saturday in Paris during winter? If you do, whatever your interests - dining in fine restaurants, exploring cultural attractions or shopping - feel free to comment and tell us which are the things you love about Paris.


After Party Remedies

Love a party, but hate the morning after? You know you shouldn't, but it was New Year's Eve so you had to. Champagne, wine, vodka, all the tasty potions on your table! How could you say no?! Don't even try to find an excuse. We know you couldn't help yourself and now you have to deal with headaches, dehydration, tiredness and stomach aches. And while the  princess lies on her bed waiting for her prince to save her, we give the bad news. There is no prince and no doctor good enough to ease your hangover, missy! So, here it is a 5 remedies list to help you get over this unpleasant situation: