After Party Remedies
Love a party, but hate the morning after? You know you shouldn't, but it was New Year's Eve so you had to. Champagne, wine, vodka, all the tasty potions on your table! How could you say no?! Don't even try to find an excuse. We know you couldn't help yourself and now you have to deal with headaches, dehydration, tiredness and stomach aches. And while the  princess lies on her bed waiting for her prince to save her, we give the bad news. There is no prince and no doctor good enough to ease your hangover, missy! So, here it is a 5 remedies list to help you get over this unpleasant situation:

1. First? Drink some water, lady! As much as you can. Open your windows, take a breath of fresh air and go to the kitchen and prepare a natural mask for your lovely face. Blend some avocado, honey and olive oil and apply the mask on your face. Slice a cucumber and put two slices on your eyes. Change the cucumber pieces every 5 minutes. Just lie in your bed, under your blanket and enjoy the fresh air.

2. We know your head still hurts, but no aspirine won't heal the pain. So you better call your therapeutist and tell him/her about your 'emergency' and of course, beg if it's necessary, for a relaxation massage.

3. And now with your disposition fully recovered all you need is a book and your cozy bed. We recommend IT by Alex Chung and a good movie.(you can find a very good selection here)

4. You've missed your morning coffee, if we can still call it morning, but you can easily replace it with some green juices or with the so common orange juice. The recovery process is almost done.

.5. We know it's hard to party like a crazy - but fabulous, of course - animal and then spend the next day as a vegetable praying to feel better, but let's just forget about the drama, cover your PJs with your fab coat, put on your sunglasses, go out and buy some sweets, a tasty tea and all the magazines you can find and call a friend. At the end of the day you are still a princess and this is one of the things you should never forget. You have less than 6 hours to refresh yourself and pick yourself up!

Have a fabulous 2014!


Foto: Laurent Dubois



Desirèe D'Aloia said...

Beautiful pics!!!!!

Miriam Militaru said...

Happy New Year, ladies! So inspirational post, adore it! <3

Dressing in Labels said...

Nice article!

x Karen

Iulia G said...

You ladies def don't look hangover but gorgeous! <3

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