Fairytale White for MFW

How to start a fabulous spring? Wear white and take a walk with your princes/princess! We don't know about you, but we love these two outfits. We wanted something to complete each other, so the feminine vs masculine outfits were and still are the right choices for us this season. We are getting ready for spring and Milan Fashion Week was an absolute blast and made spring come faster! Milan was again the perfect place where we had just the right amount of shows, meetings and parties and now after we've just came back from Chisinau, from the opening of a lovely place called Morpho - fabulous cafe, we are packing our luggages and we’re off straight away to Paris.


Ports 1961 - FW 2014/15

Ports 1961 - we didn't know much about them till last year when they invited us to attend some of their events. This pretty amazing brand, founded in Canada in 1961, is now one of the most important brand in China and is one of the most popular luxury brands. Back to the FW 2014/15 Collection, Ports1961 is a manifestation of true elegance and timeless shapes, colors and textures. Ports 1961 brings with the FW Collection some iconic items: leather coats with impecable cuts, white shirts with peplum and ruffles and fur coats and collars that will help you make a statement for sure!


Trussardi FW 2014/15

Gaia Trussardi was inspired by unconventional women for her Trussardi Women’s Fall/Winter 2014-2015 collection: Anna Karina in Bande à part by Jean-Luc Godard and Jeanne Moreau in Jules et Jim by François Truffaut. These women break the rules and conventions with immediacy and freshness, and with the energy of a breathless race through the corridors of the Louvre, as in the famous scene created by Godard and re-enacted by Bernardo Bertolucci in The Dreamers.

Alberta Ferretti FW2014/15 - A living Forest

Milan Fashion Week became our favorite experience ever. We had a really great time, great meetings, we attended some great shows and we took amazing photos! Everything was perfect and more than we expected. Last year we only had two days for Milan and didn't have enough time to feel the vibe. We felt more the Principe Di Savoia and the prosecco. {C'est la vie!} But this time we came to see the shows and to visit some awesome showrooms, so we chose to stay sober and do our job (our lovely job). Our first show from #mfw was Alberta Ferretti, so we can say that we started our #mfw tour in style.


Fatima Val FW 2014/15

The FW 2014/15 mood proposal is inspired by a fashion concept that has a more literate, lightweight and immediate key. The mood loses austerity in order to make room for the immediacy of the garments, which are extremely versatile and softened by touches of bright colour with an allure sport-concept. Great volumes, cuts and movements are emphasized by the play of material and color. Overused and dosed with researched fabric, which is also taken from the classical Italian tradition of two-toned cashmere.

Welcome to Starbucks

If you are looking for a perfect place to have breakfast or simply just to have a business meeting, Starbucks is more than perfect. When we had 16 years old we used to read Devil wears Prada and dream about becoming the fabulous Miranda Priestly and to receive our venti cappuccino on our desk early in the morning. Now we hardly spend time peacefully in the office, so we choose the easy way. Before a flight, a meeting, a photo shoot or whatever that day has to offer us, we go to Starbucks order a ristretto and a muffin and refuel our engines. You should try it! It works big time!


Fashion Books, our SIN.

Right now you are looking at two sinners who are not afraid to admit their facts. We are passionate about fashion, people who dedicate their whole life to this amazing field and people that now are pure inspiration for all of us! For instance we'd die for Diana Vreeland's life. As you know fashion editors became celebrities after Diana's era. Life took her from Belle Epoque to Studio 54, from Coco Chanel to Andy Warhol, from Harper's Bazaar to Vogue and she revolutionized the fashion field. Where do we know all these things!? Easy! From one of our favorite books! We invite you to discover the top 5 best fashion books!


Spectacular Sunglasses by MOO

"A woman should wear perfume wherever she wants to be kissed" Coco Chanel. Or just the perfect pair of sunglasses. If you are addicted to contemporary accessories with a vintage twist and an extraordinary sense of details, these sunglasses are made for you. Two years ago during Paris Fashion Week we met the talented and so enthusiastic designer Moo Piyasombatkul and since then we had the pleasure to wear all the first pieces from her collections. Bold and fabulous, every pair of sunglasses is a story and this story fits any kind of woman. We vote for MOO SUNGLASSES.


Fairytale Love Edition

Fashion & Vintage Fairdesigners items, vintage exhibitors and designer accessories Casa Universitarilor
Ladies you are invited to attend a new edition! Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair is waiting for you with Spring Collections, young designers items, vintage exhibitors and designer accessories. Sunday, 16th February, you are welcomed to Casa Universitarilor, from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Don't miss it! Even the brides can come to the fair, because some designers are preparing some really awesome wedding outfits. Just attend HERE.


New York Fashion Week & Fabulous Muses

Absoultely Fabulous Street Fashion in New York City
That moment when you miss New York...When you hardly remember your last trip to the city of your dreams, you receive an email from a friend announcing the launch of a new website and the publication of your interview. It was such a nice surprise to receive these wonderful photos and to remember every single day we've spent enjoying this fabulous monster, NY! We invite you, darlings to read more and enjoy the full article HERE.


Wasted Muses

From time to time it happens to miss a very glamorous party. And this was one of that moments when we decided we are to F wasted to brace up, go out and ruin our shoes in snow. Already dressed-up, wearing two amazing Ermanno Scervino dresses and some gorgeous pieces of jewelry from Roberto Cavalli, we have chosen to spend our evening with our wonderful friends enjoying some bottles of prosecco and too many chocolate bonbons. The photos may look pretty nostalgic, but what can we do. Being a fabulous muse can sometime become exhausting :))


What a girl needs...SONY QX lens

What a girl needs?! Easy to answer! The most important things in a woman's life: her magic shoes, her lovely little purse, her fairytale sunglasses, some cosmetics and the so 'cannot live without it' smartphone. But what happens when you need a change in your life? We tell you what. You bring Sony QX lens and you never let it go.


{My Love is Absolutely Fabulous}

valentines day tshirt my lovabsolutely fabulous
Are you more like Marilyn Monroe or more like Audrey Hepburn? If you need some answers take this quiz. No matter whether you have a Marilyn or an Audrey personality chose to show your love on Valentine's Day and wear an Absolutely Fabulous T-shirt. Today we launch a new one {My Love is Absolutely Fabulous} and we dedicate it, obviously, to LOVE. You can order it HERE! Get ready for 14th February and have a little fun!


Tough girls wear pink

We welcomed the snow and the cold weather this month with energy and enthusiasm and we embraced one of the 2014 resolutions: to wear colors again and forget about the black items from our wardrobe. This year we try new sensations, so we have decided to forget about the timeless black&white combo and bath our bodies in pink. Look and look good because this explosion of color and glitter happens once a year and this is that one special moment of the year when we overstate. But since we had so much fun with this bright-happy shades be sure this is the beginning of a new era - a colorful era.


Patrizia Pepe Contest & Event

Ladies, big news! Saturday, 8th February we prepare a fabulous event for you! Along with Patrizia Pepe we organize a fabulous Sales Event. Get ready to find amazing items, to drink champagne, to pamper yourself with a make-up session and to enjoy a special session with a personal shopper. Saturday is your magic day. Just come at Patrizia Pepe Store, Baneasa Shopping Center, 1st Floor,  and enjoy a fabulous day!