What a girl needs...SONY QX lens

What a girl needs?! Easy to answer! The most important things in a woman's life: her magic shoes, her lovely little purse, her fairytale sunglasses, some cosmetics and the so 'cannot live without it' smartphone. But what happens when you need a change in your life? We tell you what. You bring Sony QX lens and you never let it go.
How many of you are still taking photos with your photo camera? How many still carry the big, old camera everywhere during your holidays and be honest when you answer, ladies! And if you do it, how ofen do you use it?

If you'd ask us we would answer with a very short story.

There was a time when two fashion addicted women became smart phone addicted. First was the iPhone, it didn't matter if it was 3, 4, 4s or 5, but soon the addiction got worse. They discovered instagram and their new gadget took the place tof their magic Sony NEX 5. Everywhere they go, iphone was enough for their instagram/facebook posts. But after a while the iphone camera was not enough for them, and they craved for the professional Sony lens...and then the miracle happened! They fell in love with Sony Smartphone Attachable Lens.

Reasons to fell in love with this new-amazing gadget from Sony? It takes amazing photos and it's super easy to use. It's perfect on your holidays, it's small (and easy to carry) and it makes a perfect team with your smartphone.


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VioletDaffodils said...

Great photos! :D