Fashion Divas in Marie Claire

Articol revista Marie Claire despre fahshion bloggere imbracate cu blugi si camasa, curea si geanta Moschino, cercei escada, pantofi rosii casadei, pantofi rosii cu toc musette, rochie si camasa Valentino

Back from Paris and ready for some office work, we found on our desks one of our dearest magazines. Marie Claire, white tulips and two cups of espresso - the perfect treat for two exhausted ladies. As a friend used to say, no matter how is the weather outside, there will always be spring in your hearts and homes and so it was when we saw the article freshly published in Maria Claire Romania! And everything thanks to a fabulous team.
Revista de moda Marie Claire recomandata de Alina Tanasa and Diana Enciu fashion bloggers.
Consultant moda poarta haina Valentino cu dungi albe, negre si rosii, blugi si camasa Valentino, pantofi rosii cu toc casadei, pantofi rosii de dama musette, cercei escada, geanta si curea rosie Moschino,
Consultant personal moda imbracate cu rochie Valentino cu dungi rosii, albe si negrem, curea rosie si geanta Moschino si cercei escada
Expert moda poarta cercei escada, pantofi rosii casadei si geanta rosie moschino
The photo shoot was scheduled after a very busy period at the office and before the fashion month, so it was like a long expected break. It was so much fun to work again with Alex Galmeanu, to get to know better the editor in chief, Mara Coman, to enjoy a fitting session with Flavia Parpala and to chat with lovely Oana Botezatu about our life, wardrobe and projects. They've all been such a delight! Thank you guys for a fabulous day and for such a cool article!


PS I don't know if you've noticed, but Alina is so skinny lately that we had to use two clippers to narrow her dress.

Wearing: Valentino Coat, Jeans & Shirt, Moschino Belt, Casadei Shoes, Escada Earrings / Valentino Dress & Shirt, Musette Shoes, Moschino Bag



Desirèe D'Aloia said...

Congrants!!!!! Beautiful as always!!!

Anonymous said...

She's so damn skinny!

Mady T. said...

congrats, girls, on your magazine spread! Love the red heels and that bag is amazing!!!!

Mady T.

Iulia G said...

Congrats for your Marie Claire article! You guys look sooooo sweet!

Iulia G.