Iyashi Dome - the perfect body detox

As we recently said we test quite often the treatments from Michelle Anti Ageing & Dental Clinic. And one of them became our favorite. Iyashi Dome is an experience in well-being. While our living organism produces energy to function, it also accumulates toxins. We also ingest other noxious sustances from atmospheric and nutritional pollution. These toxins combine to accelerate ageing and weaken our immune system. The Iyashi Dome was created to help eradicate the build up of toxins, and restore the body to its natural state of equilbrium, by helping your body Rejuvenate, Retone, and Relax.

  • Detoxifies the body towards your natural equilibrium
  • Anti-ageing effect
  • Softens and rejuvenates the skin
  • Weight loss
  • Enhances and tones your silhouette
  • Reduce the "orange peel" effect
  • Prepares the body for physical activity
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Elimination of toxins gives a feeling of well-being
Benefits from use of the Iyashi Dome
  • Up to 600 calories can be burned per half-hour session
  • One session of Iyashi Dome produces the same quantity and quality of perspiration as a 20km run
  • The loss of up to 1200ml of perspiration can be achieved during an Iyashi Dome session
  • The vibration of the far-infrared rays emitted by the Iyashi Dome reverberate throughout the body; the skin is rejuvenated, the body relaxed and detoxified

Tehnologie inspirata din cultura japoneza orientala straveche, Iyashi Dome este un tratament corporal absolut fabulos. Iyashi Dome functioneaza cu ajutorul infrarosiilor, unde esentiale pentru dezvoltarea plantelor si a intregii materii vii, perfect compatibile cu organismul uman si cu rata de absorbtie maxima la care se adauga un sistem combinat de oxigeno-aromoterapie (fiole cu uleiuri esențiale cu rol de detoxifiere, energizare, relaxare) avand numeroase beneficii pentru sanatate: eliminarea prin transpiratie a toxinelor acumulate, a metalelor grele (tehnologia ceramica/titan a IYASHI DOME are proprietatea de descompunere a toxinelor); purificarea, regenerarea si infrumusetarea corpului (caldura in profunzime, pana la 40 mm sub piele); scaderea eficienta in greutate; relaxarea, eliberarea de stres; refacerea echilibrului organismului care ajuta la energizare si revigorare.

O sedinta Iyashi Dome dureaza 30 minute, timp in care se produce o transpiratie abundenta, echivalenta parcurgerii unei distante de 20 km, fara efecte secundare (riscuri cardiace, uzura permanenta a corpului), ducand totodata la producerea excesiva de endorfine, numite si “hormonii fericirii”, eliminand stresul si nervozitatea, creand o stare de relaxare. Oxigenoterapia completeaza efectele benefice al tratamentului de baza. In timpul unei sedinČ›e, corpul va elimina pana la 1200 ml de apa. O sedinta Iyashi Dome asigura o pierdere de pana la 600 kcal.


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