Spring Trends

Spring is all about updating your look and your wardrobe. And since the trends are so vast, you can easily adapt them to your fabulous personality. There is something in the air that is making us want to walk on alleys full of cherry blossom tries, on empty beaches with blue waters, something that make us dreaming about holidays, love and summer plans. And this special something is just the spring magic. And because every new beginning needs some magic dust, it's a must to sprinkle some in our wardrobes too and purchase new items. We started our spring shopping session in Marks&Spencer store.

Since this season's celebrity is white, we couldn't help ourselves and we have chosen a full white outfit perfectly matched with an orange shift blouse - a dressy version of a tshirt, with a boxy silhouette, extra fun and easy to wear, whether you mix it with a pencil skirt or a pair of pants. The silver necklace with white crystals, the aviator sunglasses and the electric blue handbag are simply a must when you wanna make a statement and make everyone look at you and your pretty outfit.

If you wanna try a more feminine silhouette, but also menswear inspired, you can choose the graphic printed dress with frills, which emphasizes one of the spring trends - the collar button downs. The dress shows an inventive makeover of the collar, constrasting in the same time the red and blue, and is the best choice whether you wanna wear it with high heels or brogues. Don't be afraid to match it with patterned handbags and sunglasses. It will look more young and fresh!

But if none if these fits your style and your silhouette, Marks&Spencer offers you infinite props for this season. Beyond simple cuts and white items, graphic patterns and orange pieces, you can find lace explosions, eclectic and very contemporary looks, floral prints, caramel shades and what we love most, some really awesome pieces inspired by the sophisticated 90s.


Foto: Mike Quyen
Outfits: Marks&Spencer



Maricruz said...

Stunning photos as always!


Desirèe D'Aloia said...

so cool and chic!


ZADIN said...

Fotografiile cu astfel de decoruri mă fac să-mi doresc să fie etern primăvară...

barefoot duchess said...

Amazing photoshoot!

Polina Berdos said...

Girls, your outfits are rock!!!! I am in love with red heels)
Kiss from Italy.

Kayla Seah said...

Stunning colors! Your blog honestly has some of the best photos I've seen. Looking forward to staying in touch.

Greetings from Berlin xx

Daiana Hamza said...

Cata culoare ! Ador !


Ramida Dusdeevutikul said...

Both of you look stunning!
Really love both outfits!