diana enciu alina tanasa avon luxe
Who doesn't like gold? Who doesn't like quality and beautiful products? We do and we are addicted to beauty products! And we love Luxe Collection by Avon. Luxe has everything you need for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Start your morning with foundation, powder and mascara, use lipstick and colors for lunch and in the evening use the eyeliner because it will give you that touch of mistery that your beautiful face needs. And don't forget to use Premiere Luxe perfume from morning to night.


Vente Privee #2

You better not miss this event! VENTE PRIVEE #2 is a pop up store  hosted in a marvellous art deco villa to feast you eyes, pleasure your senses and revamp your summer wardrobe during three days of glamorous and glittering mix of vintage design icons and prêt-à-porter extravaganza. Here you can find fabulous dicsounts, and a mix of outlet, vintage & private collection items.


Moja by Absolutely Fabulous Collection

moja by absolutely fabulous collection
Since many of you asked us to create an Absolutely Fabulous collection, beside the t-shirt&sweatshirt line, we have decided that this is the perfect moment to launch a new collaboration. Starting today you can find Moja by Absolutely Fabulous Collection HERE and we really hope you will love all the items that are specially designed to be easily mixed&matched one with another. Not only it is absolutely versatile, but  the colorful collection is just perfect for the summer we all are waiting for. Crop tops, midi and mini skirts and dresses, hight waited pants, ruffles and double faced peplums, are all waiting for you on www.moja.ro.

Maleficent, a story by Disney

maleficent movie disney angelina jolie cinema
We have to start this post by telling you that this is one of the best projects in a long time. Not only because we are thrilled to announce a new Disney movie, the mesmerizing MALEFICENT, but also because it was a challenge for the whole team to realize this photo shoot and to reproduce the whole story in just 7 frames. Maleficent is a remake of Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, but from the queen's point of view, and since Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning are simply gorgeous, we absolutely recommend you not to miss this movie. Distributed by Forum Film Romania, Maleficent will be in cinemas starting Friday, 30 May, and you can watch it in 3D or IMAX 3D.


Vote Fabulous Muses

In the last two years we've been more than excited to participate at Digital Divas event as speakers. And since it is the only major beauty, fashion and lifestyle event dedicated to the active women in social media we have been more than excited to share our experience and advices with all the women who attended the event. This year we are also nominated for best fashion blog, best project, best instagram account, best use of photography, but we are also nominated for Intel People's Choice, so we invite you, lovelies, to vote us:
Intel People's Choice Award VOTE HERE 
(You can also win a prize! Just click HERE)


The White Dress - Cannes 2014

best dressed cannes 2014
The White Dress - Cannes Festival 2014


Let's Prom with a Fab Dress

Looking for a perfect Prom Dress, but you have no idea what to choose and what fits your style best? We've made a selection for you, so here you have some proposals for your big and so expected event. You can either wear pants and a crop top, play with colors or black&white or just simply be a princess and wear a really special gown. We've found the prettiest prom gowns and minis to make your big night a style success and we really hope they will inspire you.

Best Summer Destination - Monastero Santa Rosa, Amalfi Coast

On the cliff edge of Cape d’Orso, Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa strikes the perfect balance of seclusion without solitude. Being originally a monastery in the 17th century it has been restored by the actual owner into a brilliant boutique hotel with a popular spa area. Located between Positano and the Amalfi Coast, this place is perfect either you want an intimate getaway or gather with your friends. With their four levels of gardens, the spa and an awesome pool, your holiday will be for sure one of the best ever and you will feel like you're touching the heaven.


Cannes 2014 Best Dressed

best dressed cannes 2014
Blake Lively wearing a Gucci dress

Castiga o garderoba in valoare de 1000 lei

Inscrie-te AICI, trimite un *SELFIE fabulos si poti castiga o sesiune de styling si o garderoba de 1000 lei. Daca vrei sa iti petreci o zi alaturi de noi la cumparaturi, la Afi Cotroceni, te sfatuim sa imbraci cel mai cool outfit al tau, sa zambesti mult si sa iti faci rapid un *SELFIE. Suntem nerabdatoare sa te cunoastem, asa ca grabeste-te si inscrie-te cat mai rapid, pentru ca 28 mai este ultima zi a concursului. Good Luck!

Romanian Design Week Preview Experience by Peroni

diana enciu alina tanasaWhat happens when one of the coolest deco bloggers visits you and writes about your house? Easy! At the beginning you get excited like a 3 years old girl in front of a Barbie shop and after the hysteria leaves your body, you start to talk about more important (mature) things you are both interested in, like Romanian Design Week. The tour of Diana's house was a preview of the the so expected event and also an excuse to talk easily about quality design, as we already know, supported by Peroni.



cel mai bun site de moda
Everyone is allowed to dream. And this is what we did! When you see these photos you instantly think of Bonnie&Clyde, right? Because every time you see a gun and a car in a vintage context you immediately think of them, but honestly the story is another one this time. This a reinvented story of two fabulous women from 70s, who have a crush for men suits and guns. During the day they are two busy gangstas and by night just two women who attend the most expected private events and make the best of every night. This is a neverending story and as long as you are creative everything is possible. Our starting point was Royal Chapeau and their masculine hats. Just read more and you can WIN one.

Summer Statement

Have you ever been to a pool party with a zoo theme? We've been obsessed for over 5 years with this kind of parties and the problem was and still is that we never had the chance to attend one. There is a fabulous one in LA and it's on our schedule this year, but till then we organized a really private one at a very cool hotel near Lago di Garda. Why and how? Just details! No need to explain! Just because we can and because we deserve to have our own zoo party! Who attended the party at the first beginning? Mr. Alligator and the sweet little Nemo. Such a small gathering, but so much fun. After we took the photos for Stilago in order to remember you once again about this wonderful collaboration we have with this cool online shopping website, the party started.


Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection 2015

louis vuitton cruise 2015 collection
CRUISE: A TRIP OR VOYAGE. Stay true to this intimate wardrobe and bring it to life in another universe by awarding it an unexpected identity all its own. The wardrobe is shaken up through and through, lending itself to the mixing of genres, peculiar layering, expert dissonance and pseudo-paradoxical juxtapositions. A clash of competing allusions. A cacophony of colours. The illogical striving to become familiar.


Louis Vuitton Cruise 2015 Fashion Show


1, 2, 3 INTRA IN JOC!

E redundant sa mai spunem ca Avon este cea mai mare companie de cosmetice din Romania si ca vanzarile lor se autodepasesc luna de luna. Ce ne place la Avon este faptul ca se implica in campanii umanitare, ca e mereu prezent la evenimente importante si ca isi fidelizeaza echipa. Ne place felul in care Avon lucreaza si felul in care pune accent pe valorile umane si recompenseaza eforturile tuturor celor care lucreaza pentru aceasta companie. Si da, Avon recruteaza permanent noi reprezentanti de vanzari pentru ca cererea de produse Avon creste in fiecare luna. Asa ca daca vrei un extra venit si un job pe sufletul tau, atunci credem ca citesti un material care iti va fi de folos.


A new friend - Antoanelle

Hello ladies! We are back from Milan and we have pretty good news. No, we don't leave Bucharest for Milan, don't get that excited. But yes, we travel quite often and mostly for projects we work on, as you already know. This time we received a challenging proposal from a young Romanian designer and since we support all the young talents, we left the city to take the photo shoot for the first campaign signed by Antoanelle. This is just a very short teaser for what is going to be the first collection of  Camelia AntoanelaRoatis. Just stay tuned to find out more!



#SEFIE is a MUST WATCH MOVIE. Why? Because it's super fun, crazy and colorful and it's instantly changing your mood. Yasmine, Roxi and Ana run away to the seaside two days before their finals to have the time of their lives and you shouldn't miss this crazy trip they have! It's all about adrenaline, falling in love and fun! Perfect for summer, right? NOW IN CINEMAS!


Panasonic Lumix - just perfect for fashion weeks

Yes it's fun to be the star and to be photographed by Adam Katz Sinding, Scott Schuman or Youngjun Koo, but is also fun to photograph the celebrities around you. And thank God we found the perfect camera. It's handsome, easy to use and takes one of the best shots. It's Panasonic LUMIX DMCGM1 and we recommend you to use it. Read more about it, fall in love with it and but it from F64 STUDIO.

Crystal Tale

If you are looking for a best friend always there to comfort you and help you whenever you are in need, well you found it.  No matter what shape it has, what color and what length, the name is the same – Preciosa - is your new friend and it is like a breath of fresh air for your everyday outfits. You know we are really fond of jewelry and that there’s nothing we love more than a stunning necklace or a statement ring and since we have a new crush we just wanted to share with you more about this beautiful pieces of jewelry.


GLAMOUR fashion street show

Back from Verona, from a too short trip we'd say, we are already getting ready to leave the city again for Milan, for 7 fabulous days full of beautiful projects. But till then we invite you to attend a fabulous contest by Glamour Magazine. How can you become a catwalk celebrity? Pretty easy! Read more and you will find out everything about this fabulous contest. And if you like the stripe dress and the pink top, just stay tuned and check out tomorrow's post about the latest collaboration we have with one of the coolest online shops.



Skipping back to Bucharest one week ago, we have faced a 'BANG BANG' situation and since we feel much more confident lately wearing a suit than a dress or skirt, we have decided to solve it in a proper way - the Charlie's Angels way.  The situation was one of the most common - how to organize a holiday in less than two days. Nothing easier than this: you awake the inner holiday-detective, you call your best friends from Italy and ask for advices, you call off all your meetings, find the perfect accommodation and BANG BANG you have a perfect plan. We send you hugs and kisses from beautiful Verona and we kindly ask you to check our future posts and discover the big surprise we are preparing for you, ladies!