diana enciu alina tanasa avon luxe
Who doesn't like gold? Who doesn't like quality and beautiful products? We do and we are addicted to beauty products! And we love Luxe Collection by Avon. Luxe has everything you need for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Start your morning with foundation, powder and mascara, use lipstick and colors for lunch and in the evening use the eyeliner because it will give you that touch of mistery that your beautiful face needs. And don't forget to use Premiere Luxe perfume from morning to night.
diana enciu alina tanasa avon luxe
avon luxe diana enciu alina tanasa
alina tanasa diana enciu avon luxe
avon luxe diana enciu alina tanasa
avon luxe alina tanasa diana enciu
avon luxe diana enciu alina tanasa

We just can' t get enough of this collection!

And if we didn't convince you Loredana Groza, the image of Avon Luxe Collection will do it for sure. Not only because she is one of the most amazing women in Romania, but also because she's a fashion icon and a real star. 
Tell us which one is your favorite product from Avon Luxe Collection and you can win some of our favorite products. Sounds good enough for you? ( send a comment and include your email address too)

And now just treat yourself with Loredana's fabulous hit Extravaganzza !

Find out more about LUXE products here:
AVON Online: https://www.avon.ro/




Anonymous said...

Hey beauties!

Photoshootul este wow!!

Cat despre produse, fardul de obraz si fondul de ten din colectia luxe sunt a must have!


Desirèe D'Aloia said...

Amazing pics!


Be said...

Lip-gloss <3


Bianca said...

Pudra iluminatoare Luxe Glitz, perfecta pentru vara si.. blonde.


Lux said...

I have a friend who works as an Avon representative, so I am quite familiar with most of the products, but by far my favorite is the Luxe Lipstick, in pretty much every color.

Email: luciana_codreanu@yahoo.ro

elena cobianu said...

Din gama Avon Luxe ador luciul de buze, blush-ul fondul de ten si rimelul :)

Beeba Ademowo said...

Fabulous !!!!


Ivona said...

Din gama Avon Luxe ador rujul.

Ioa said...

Amazing shooting !!

The powder and the foundation are my favs !!