All you need is NEW SHOES

From Cinderella to Carrie Bradshaw we all are crazy for shoes. Don't say NO, because we know the real answer! Even if we have more than what we need, there is always room for one more pair, right? And we always need a new pair of shoes and a new one and a new one... Always! Let's face it. It's an addiction that we simply don't wanna let go. Why? It's like a therapy that helps us when we are sad or super happy, when we don't know what to wear and whenever we have a problem a pair of shoes can solve at least 50% of it in less than 5 minutes. So today we have for you a double shoes espresso with latte, glitter and embellishments, all from IL PASSO,  so you can start this Friday with enthusiasm. Don't try to solve your shoes addiction! Life is short! Let's go shopping! 


Best 5 Summer Destionations

Still looking for the best holiday destination? Here you have a top 5 best summer destinations we absolutely adore. And because we wanted to keep it real and close to the real feeling that these places create to the tourists that visit them, here you have a couple of instagram shots. Hope you'll love them and that you will enjoy Portofino, Maui, Ko Phi Phi, Santorini and Miami. Whatever you will choose, you summer vacation will be just awesome.


Fashionable Friends from ALTEX

Good morning, ladies! Today we start this bright Wednesday with the usual ingredients: coffee, flowers, a full agenda and our so fashionable friends from Apple. Since we are Apple addicts and we believe that the most perfect accessory for a busy-chic lady is a MacBook or at least a mini iPad, we thought today is a good opportunity to pamper yourself with a pretty gift which will probably complete your outfit, your desk or simply your fabulous bag. Not only we invite you to check this website and choose your favorite product, but we offer you the chance to win a voucher, just to encourage you to start this shopping session. 

Instagram Summer Diary

The summer started one month ago, but we have so many memories already. It seems this season it is going to be a pretty busy one, but also one of the most animated and colorful ever. We know you might already follow us on instagram fabmuse_diana &  fabmuse_alina, but we thought it would be a good idea to share with you some more personal shots from some of our special moments & projects. What you see bellow are photos which we took in our trips to Milan, Verona, Lake Garda, photos we took during our projects for Cafe del Mar, Maleficent, H&M or Moja and of course the so well known detail shots we couldn't resist to post, just to keep you updated with our everyday activities as Marie Claire Party, a photo shoot with some close friends for W by World Class Magazine and a fab evening at Ceresio 7.

Play & Win

Imagine we are not football players and not even football fans, but since we got this two lovely kiwi floral print dresses we thought this is best way to show you that you can wear an evening dress whenever, however and wherever you want. There are no rules if you know how to accessorize it. Proper shoes (in this situation sneakers), proper bag, proper jewelry and sunglasses and voila, you can use this kind of item whether it's morning, afternoon or night. We highly suggest you guys to visit Alexia Luxury Shop and find a perfect dress for this wonderful summer season.


Absolutely Fabulous Summer Collection

We've always considered Monday a fresh new start and since we believe this is the best second day of the week, after Friday of course, we are gonna use it as the best excuse to tell you a little bit about our summer dresses collection. We were simply too excited to introduce you these dresses especially created for your summer holiday and since we were visiting again the seaside we took a couple of photos wearing the pieces we are officially launching today on We really hope you'll love them and wear them in the most creative way possible.


Happy Friday

If you were craving for a GUESS item from the summer collection 2014, we have good news for you. Starting this month you can find anything you want from Marciano, Guess Jeans, Guess Accessories and Guess Kids collections on The arrival of summer gets us excited and we always wanna try new things and the experiment we had with this comfy, but very stylish outfits from Guess was fun and just perfect for a Friday Afternoon.


Weekend Getaway

We don't have time for a real vacation yet, but at least we have the luxury to take one or two days off work and when we do it we like to discover new places and of course to share our new discovery with you. Last week we chose to spend a whole day at Café del Mar Mamaia which reminds us about the times when we were two crazy teenage girls dreaming about Café del Mar Ibiza - not only a place on the beach, but quite a legend. The good news we have for you is that now even the Black Sea is powered by this timeless relaxing international concept and that we can taste Ibiza's legendary Café del Mar in Mamaia Resort, Romania.


In the mood for love - Veranda Casa Frumoasa

‘’Once upon a time there was a tavern/Where we used to raise a glass or two...’’. It isn’t a tavern at all, but the Mary Hopkin’s song suits perfectly with your in love mood if you want to spend a heavenly day or night at Veranda Casa Frumoasa. With a beautiful hidden courtyard and a fairytale inside, designed by the Italian architect Elena Busato, Bucharest’s Veranda Casa Frumoasa has more to offer than just a spectacular tasting menu.



Yes, it's getting hot in here. So hot that we really need a change of plans if we talk about our wardrobe. Starting today we have a couple of new pieces that will fit perfectly this summer and that will lift our mood up. GUESS collection gives you the chance to choose everything from dresses, jeans, tops, skirts and shorts. Absolutely wearable, but still chic and elegant, all the items are created to freshen up your everyday outfits. If you like our t-shirts you can buy them now on


But first, tea

Since tea is always a good idea, when you have such a beautiful garden all for yourself, you simply do what's natural. You have a cup of tea in the afternoon and wait the sunset to come. A moment of silence and peace never hurt nobody, so you better make time for yourself and enjoy life and its magic. Of course - you know already , while wearing your best clothes.


Audrey Hepburn - Best Dressed Actress

Audrey Hepburn - phylanthropist and actress


Effortlessly Happy

There’s nothing we enjoy more than finding new places and new reasons to get excited. Fascinated by the beauty of a sunny and warm morning we felt inspired to plan what we usually call an unexpected break in the city. You can find inspiration and energy not only if you take 10 days off work and go to St. Barths or Maui, but also if you are creative enough to sweeten a normal day of your life with some magic tricks. This time we have chosen the easy way. All you need is a pool, some colorful beach towels, few pillows, lots of magazines and the desire to spend your Monday morning in a distinctive way.

Postcard from Lake Garda

As any other human being we need a vacation (a small one) from time to time. And Lake Garda was just perfect to start the summer season. This lake is overshadowed by Como Lake, but it certainly deserves to be better known. And we know it, because we saw it! If you are looking for a peaceful destination for your summer holiday this might be the one. Pretty enough for long walks, not bad for shopping - because here you will find lots of shops with really fine vintage pieces, good enough for swimming and sunbathing and amazing if you are a gormandizer -  Lake Garda is on our favorite places list.


Best dressed couples

1. Olivia Palermo&Johannes Huebl

Hot Summer with Stilago

Still waiting for summer?! We know it's rainy and cloudy, but we trust God that we will have an awesome season full of colors, good vibes and fun! And because we enjoy life and June also ( even if it's raining a little bit too much, sometimes like too much! God please stop it soon!) we took a morning break, a very early one. Of course it was quite impossible to swim, but who can resist to a invitation like this. Coffee at the pool! Summer dresses were needed in this very unexpected situation, so we just worn two summerish, colorful and comfortable dresses from Stilago.


Monday Shopping Break with Alexia Luxury

Hello lovely June! Today we found a morning ray of light and we started this Monday with lots of enthusiasm and hope for a sunny, warm and fabulous summer. And we have decided to wear this two gorgeous dresses from Alexia Luxury Shop, hoping that they will change this rainy weather into a less cloudy one. Till now no changes, but since this week just began we advice you to start this day  in the most relaxed manner and simply enjoy the beginning of the week and why not indulge yourself with an online shopping break.