Everlasting by Antoanelle

Directly from Milan, we come with news for you! Here we had the chance to collaborate with a young Romanian designer and to be the image of her first campaign. Hope you'll enjoy the photos, the outfits and the whole Antoanelle Collection as much as we did. For now, we just wanted to share with you ladies this looks and to introduce you a new Romanian brand.


Summer Rebels

Who said that beach therapy is the best summer therapy, never met these guys! Even though we were kinda pissed about not being mermaids and not enjoying the sea and the sun as much as we'd love this summer, a solution is always there to pop up and change our schedule. What you see is a super fun project for the cover and main article for W. magazine - a day spent with one of the coolest editors in chief, Sorina Fredholm, some of our favorite and close to our heart artists, Corina Bud, Dana Rogoz, Adela Popescu, and two of the most crazy guys ever, Bogdan Vladau and Victor Slav. Enjoy it and be scandalous this summer with Worldclass!


You are invited to...

Hello sweethearts! Avon launched a new application and we are ready to tell you more about it! This time because this application is dedicated only to our Romanian readers we are gonna switch from English to Romanian. Hope you are not too mad.


Summer Sale

Ladies, this summer is full of suprizes! And one of the best ever is the so well known SALE season. If you are an Elisabetta Franchi fan, you can find the SS2014 items on SALE at Lala Boutique. Just enjoy the 40%-50% discounts and find your perfect summer outfit!


Stay Gold!

Stay gold, keep calm & fall in love! With whom? With HTC One (M8) Precious Gold - an incredible smart phone that now comes also in GOLD. Real Gold! In a world of smart phones and gadgets it is quite hard to be called 'the best'. After we read a couple of reviews about this new 'jewelry' we put our hands on it and and we couldn't take them off. Why?


Keep calm & start shopping

Keep calm & start shopping! We have to recognize that shopping became one of our new favorite therapies in the last few months. And we talk about shopping online - a more relaxing way to spend your money. Whether we lay in bed after a long week or drinking coffee between meetings we slide to unlock our phones or iPads and start the 'hunting'. Sales, must have items, trends, promotions - how to ignore them. And be honest! At some point we all do the same! Long story short if you are looking for some awesome offers on www.stilago.ro


Absolutely Fabulous Summer Collection

Here we are, super excited, sharing with you the images of our last summer collection. Because the first collaboration we had with Moja was a really big success we have decided to launch another capsule collection perfect for your summer vacation. We kept the ruffles and the colors, but we used dots instead of stripes. MOJA by Absolutely Fabulous - FABULOUS SUMMER EDIT is officially online today, so you can start your shopping session right now, right here.


Your Smart&Fabulous Friend

Our phones - our life! All the contacts, all the photos, e-mails, whatsapp, facebook, instagram, - our whole life captured by this smart little thing we usually call the perfect assistant. It reminds you about your meeting, about events, holiday, birthdays, when to take your pills, when to stop eating sweets, it is smart, fun and practical. And because we are looking for the best on the market we had the chance to test this beauty, LG G3.


Summer Make-up by Dior

Dior Transat Collection is just fabulous and it must be on your top five must have list this summer. Diorskin Nude Tan Prime & Bronze, Diorshow Mono, 5 Couleurs, Diorshow Iconic Overcurl, Diorshow Art Pen and  Dior Addict Gloss are just enough for you summer holiday. Dare to be creative and choose colors instead of the classic nude look. You will be awesome and super cool! Just pack your things and don't forget the 'it' beauty ingredient - the full Transat collection. 


Smooth & Silky all year long

If we made you curious yesterday, today we share with you the whole photoshoot and all you have to know about our new best friend. We have been using Philips Lumea for a couple of months, but we didn't wanna tell you about it before the final result. You all ask us what is the secret for a perfect skin and what do we use to make it look bright and fabulous.


Save your skin

Our skin defines us and this is the main reason we try to take care of it as much as we can, whenever and however we have time. No sun exposure (at least not too much), natural products, massage, skin treatments, all for our so precious skin. It is supposed to be soft, perfect to be touched and sexy. And in order to have your legs more than fabulous and gain a positive feedback you have to cut out your biggest enemy.


Save your skin

Our skin defines us and this is the main reason we try to take care of it as much as we can, whenever and however we have time. No sun exposure (at least not too much), natural products, massage, skin treatments, all for our so precious skin. It is supposed to be soft, perfect to be touched and sexy. And in order to have your legs more than fabulous and gain a positive feedback you have to cut out your biggest enemy.

Pack like a pro for your summer holiday

Yes, we know! You are going to enjoy a fabulous summer holiday! But before you depart, check your packing list. You'll probably need a hand luggage and a suitcase and even if you are a frequent traveler, you know that packing is one of the hardest tasks before a flight. Don't freak out, just be a well organized lady and make the right choices.

Summer Afternoon

Back from beautiful Warsaw and after a prolonged diet we stuck on for the last two months we landed back in Bucharest and we said it is time for a peaceful afternoon and some goodies to brighten up our mood. While waiting the so expected summer vacation we advice you to refill your wardrobe and work on your holiday outfits. They can be bright, colorful and fresh, but you can still choose a black jersey dress, comfy and just perfect for the evening and accessorize it with a pair of red sandals, a beach hat or a pair of statement earrings. Either way you will look amazing. If we convinced you, you can find our dresses and many other summerish items on www.stilago.ro


LOVE your Skin with L’Erbolario

You all know that we don’t like sun too much and that we always use lots of products to protect our skin. And you should do the same! We still love to go to the seaside and walk in the sun and of course we know that vitamin D3 is important for our body so from now on we won't say no to a sunny holiday, but we will have the perfect sun protection kit prepared. We discovered the Italian brand L’Erbolario in SensiBlu farmacy, the only farmacy in Romania where you can find them and we became big fans of this magic 'potions'.


The world is our playground

Acting like a kid is not about age, but about enjoying life and its little moments of happiness. You can be a teenage girl, a carrier woman or a fabulous mother and still have the luxury to act childish. But always while wearing the proper dress. Now you can delight yourself with a beautiful capsule collection inspired by the opulence and grace of odalisques, which gives you the absolute power of seduction. The Taksim Collection signed by Kiki Dumitrescu is like the heart of modern Istanbul.


And they did it!

When you think about a perfect couple, you instantly say Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl. Under a cloudless sky and whisked away from the hustle and bustle of NYC, after six and a half years of courtship, our favorite duo quietly and stylishly became husband and wife. In an intimate ceremony, very befitting of the private couple, the two said their vows amongst only a handful of family members and closest friends as they were surrounded by ivy and blossoming flowers in a quiet park tucked away in Bedford, New York.


Back to Moja by Absolutely Fabulous

Every day is a new chance to discover new places, new people, new feelings and sometimes just to enjoy a few days in a  magic city like Verona, like we did. Since we had a very good feedback after we launched our MOJA by Absolutely Fabulous  Collection we have decided that today is one those days when we simply wanna make you smile and offer you the chance to win an item from our summer collection.