Our new Jewelry

Right after our New York trip we flew back to Bucharest as we just told you in the previous post and no we didn't came back to become two housewives, but to change our wardrobe for Milan Fashion Week and of course do the usual...the laundry! Yes, we do this too, especially when we have a jewelry like this in our homes! Today as you probably guessed, we are going to talk about our clothes and how hard it is sometimes to take care of them.

We spend our money on shopping websites and mostly, we have to admit, on clothes. We wear them once and then we get upset when they lose their éclat and fluffiness. We usually believe that taking them to dry cleaning is the answer, but this is just one of the ways that ruined our best items - bad choices! So when you had enough failures, you try the easy way - by your own hands. So when we've been told about this jewelry - the super new and revolutionary washing machine from Samsung we simply wanna test it.

They say it works as good as it looks. This Samsung Front Load Crystal Blue has taken away baffling buttons and features instead a large full touch LCD screen that offers an easy way to do your laundry - it gives you the ability to select settings - such as the type of garment (even a special program for jeans), water temperature, spin speed and the type of detergent with a simple touch.

It's not that we are not smart women, but this washing machine is what we need for an easy life and common we really deserve it!
What you really have to know about it is that you cannot hear or feel this machine. It's so so silent and discrete. You can't even feel it and an extra fabulous detail is that it works via WI-FI. From anywhere inside or outside the house where there’s a wireless network, you can instantly start or pause your washing machine and keep an eye on cycle selections, remaining time and finishing alerts when the cycle is complete.
Time your wash cycles around your life and never wait around for Laundry again, ladies!
The thing is that we couldn't resist and we tested this beauty and as you can obviously see we also used it for several shots, so you have to give it a chance and if you need some tips&tricks, we can give you some really good advices, because yes, we do our laundry...of course in the so well known fabulous way.


Wash Program used for what we wear in the photos:
White Shirt: DELICATE program with the EASY IRON option
Sequin Pants & Stripes Dresses: DELICATE program



Desirèe D'Aloia said...

gorgeus pics!!!!


Beauty Follower said...

Want those black heels
and the Nike!


Katya Bragina said...

OMG ! You are so gorgeous!!!

VioletDaffodils said...

Gorgeous outfits! I love how you ladies can even make washing machines look cool :D