While in New York...

Oooooh New York! Now that we look back at these photos we really feel like missing this crazy city! We have so many photos to share with you and o little time to do it! But making the long story short, we have decided to dedicate this photo shoot to our collaboration with Stilago and to show you, those who were so curious how we dress up in a normal day while we hit the streets of New York, two of our favorite looks.

Yes, we are addicted to essentials - jeans, t-shirts, jackets.

Skinny jeans have a new adversary in our wardrobe now  and you can find it in the form of the so easy-to-wear Boyfriend or High-Waist Jeans. Is it there anything that feels more autumnal than a pair of jeans, really? Whether they are short or long, you can team them with t-shirts or XXL sweaters and accessorize them with a killer cap or a couple of bangles. Don't be afraid to wear the high-waisted jeans, because with the comeback of the 70s trends, you will get a feminine touch and you will have a wear-anywhere style, admired by everyone.

These been said, we really hope that you enjoyed our photo shoot from Times Square and we invite you to check out Stilago Shopping List and to find the perfect pair of jeans for your fall/winter wardrobe.




Desirèe D'Aloia said...

always great pics, girls!


cado said...

essentials? yes! but you make these essentials look so good, well, maybe the attitude also counts, but the essentials seem so special when you wear them

Karen Liesens said...

As usual you both look great!

x Karen