A Bride Situation

Autumn is officially here. It's cold, the sky is dark and gloomy, but when you travel to Dubai, life gets better and better and days feel warm and sunny. For those who didn't have time to check our instagram accounts, we'll tell you the long story short. The designer of Arushi Couture (who btw is an amazing woman) invited us to work with her team on a new campaign and they made us feel like two lucky queens every single day we spent there. Here you have a making of movie from the photo shoot we had for the bridal collection and please stay tuned because we have a couple of photos we really wanna share with you.



We've always been big fans of animal prints & statement jewelry, especially if we talk about Roberto Cavalli. When the  fall comes and the weather is not so generous, we decide quite often that we cannot keep our favorite items in the closet for about 3 months till spring comes. So we throw away our fuzzy socks and cashmere sweaters and pretend there is a hot summer day that demands a proper outfit, a special pair of sandals and a gorgeous necklace. It's a really good exercise to keep your styling skills intact and it's quite funny. You should try it sometimes!


Back in Milan

How not to fall in love with these beauties?! Flipping trough our photos from Milan Fashion Week we found a couple of photos which we took after Roberto Cavalli show and we just wanted to share them with you. Funny and cool, it's hard to ignore the patterns and colors of Vivetta looks, isn't it? They are pure poetry. Depicting a delicate and assertive femininity, Vivetta is a universe created under the sign of contemporary idea of elegance, all dressed up with romanticism and irony - a universe we instantly fell in love with.


Shopping is our Cardio

You have to admit that shopping is even better than a psychiatrist, a friend or a holiday sometimes.We all tremble when we see the discount stickers on shops windows or the offers we receive everyday. And we all know that is so hard to say no to the items we drool over. But in this hard moments when our budget is not so significant and you don't have enough time for shopping, we have solutions. We call them online outlet stores. If you like our outfits, you can easily order any of the items on Stilago Outlet. It's a bargain!


Best of Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta was a true inspiration who championed feminism and celebrated the modern, elegant woman.


High Street vs. High End

If you ask us, today anyone can easily become a trendsetter as long as the consumer is increasingly conscious of his choices. Wearing both high street and high end brands can be most of the time the smartest and funniest way to dress up. You can easily match a Moschino skirt with a white shirt from a high street brand and still look gorgeous. The difference between high street and high end is at first glance the price.The first gives you trendy and affordable pieces of fashion, when the other sometimes scares you with the astronomical prices. And here comes the magic solution for us, the ones that say yes to both types of brands. Now you can find them both at really good and affordable prices at Stilago Outlet.

Exclusive Alexander Wang x H&M

Ladies, get ready! Alexander Wang’s collection for H&M finally hits the stores on November 6. Sport-themed, the collection brings a sporty vibe, and rather than creating affordable versions of the designer's items, it suprises with amazing pieces that are within the natural price of H&M sportwear collections. As the designer said..."We wanted to take certain elements of each sport and portray the ultimate warrior... the girls had to feel big and heroic." And so we felt while wearing them around the city.


Taste! Eat! LOVE it!

Do you remember our last photo shoot for Morpho? We took the plane between Milan and Paris Fashion Week to go to Chisinau and try their amazing macarons &cakes. But not this time! This time they came to us, in Bucharest, and they are here to stay. Morpho opened their first shop and they are waiting for you to try their goodies.


Petit Déjeuner avec CHANEL

Don't be fooled by the photo! To be honest our mornings are not usually like this. But when CHANEL calls for a breakfast you really have to behave, to dress properly and attend the meeting. The last couple of weeks have been hectic, but still super exciting, but with all the assignments and meetings we didn't have the time to enjoy a proper coffee, a lemon eclair and a peaceful breakfast. This is more than a breakfast and not only we enjoyed sipping the coffee, but we had so much fun discovering the new Chanel cosmetic line for this season.


Fringes from New York to Milan

New York is the city where all the movies look good, all the photo shootings feel natural and all the clothes come to life. Every time we are in NY we love to take street style photos cause it's easy, fun and fast. Fast and furious! But with all the reasons you can imagine, Milan is more close to our souls. We love Milan Fashion Week, we love Italian food and we love the people.


CHANEL Collection Etats Poetiques 2014

Gabrielle Chanel was fascinated by the art of poetry. She shared with poets the same spirit and aspiration for
beauty. And beyond verses or clothing lay the idea of absolute perfection, invisible to the eye. For this collection, the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio draws inspiration from a colour steeped in poetic tenderness: pink, interpreted in a spectrum of shades, an intense and fragile colour palette.


Make-up Espresso by Diana Ionescu

MAKE-UP ESPRESSO Cursuri de perfectionare de scurta durata Make-up Trainer: Diana Ionescu
O experienta care credem ca iti va colora zilele ploioase de toamna - o serie de 3 cursuri de specializare concentrate pe 3 subiecte esentiale: arta conturarii si iluminarii tenului, stilizarea si structurarea sprancenelor si totul despre forma si conturul buzelor.


Never Enough

It comes a time in a woman's life when you feel absolutely naked without jewelry and when you feel the continuous need to sparkle wherever you are. A beautiful piece of jewelry is the perfect way to bring life to one of your outfits and to be honest, why not to wear an attention-grabbing necklace like one from those above? The key to a perfect look is to keep it simple or either work your outfit around one piece or why not, two. On BOREALY you can find the perfect set of jewelry that will lift your look for sure.

Proudly wearing H&M

Good morning sweethearts! Since we started our detox diet, we have to admit that every morning at 6:00 am we are up, full of energy and ready for work. So we said that today is a good day for a new post that announces our collaboration with H&M. Starting October we will have a photo shoot and a post dedicated to H&M, every month. It's a brand that we love, it is affordable and fashionable and this is the reason we never say no to an H&M item, especially when we talk about H&M Studio  and designer collections.


Iconic Food Wine&Design by Camelia Sucu

Iconic Food Wine&Design by Camelia Sucu - o destinatie a frumosului in Bucuresti. Plecare: Bucuresti Destinatia: De vis Via: Iconic Food Wine&Design – Aleea Alexandru 7. Situat in Aleea Alexandru 7, in inima cocheta a Bucurestiului, dar departe de zgomotul orasului, Iconic este o destinatie in sine, aflata sub semnul frumosului: showroom cu piese semnate de designeri celebri, restaurant cu specific Estethic Food si un winebar cu vinuri iconice.


Boulevard Chanel - Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-to-wear

Karl Lagerfeld invited his guests to the Grand Palais to present the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection. Beneath the nave a real Parisian street, complete with pavements, scaffolding and 25-meter high Haussmannian buildings, appears to have risen from the ground - “a non-existent boulevard”, says Karl Lagerfeld. On the Boulevard CHANEL, the designer presents a woman whose look is self-assured. Wearing two-tone open brogues, “a mix of men and women’s shoes”, sandals and flat boots, she strides confidently forward, proud and determined.

Trussardi - Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Athleticism. The search for an Olympian ideal that creates a new dialog between physicality and clothes. Gaia Trussardi is inspired by a toned, lithe, real figure for the Trussardi Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Rejecting the contemporary culture of absolute virtuality and the disconnection between mind and body, she admires the timeless elegance of athletes and imagines a dynamic and sophisticated woman.


It's all about Essence

http://www.fabulousmuses.net/2014/10/its-all-about-essence.htmlSome might say that fashion is superficial and that was created by snobs for snobs and for all those who have time and money to have fun, but let us tell you something...It takes courage and passion to create something that counts in this domain. Take a look at Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld – whether we are fond of them or not, the reality is the same, they are fashion’s most powerful people and we cannot deny their influence in the fashion field, because the ESSENCE of they're character is undoubtful. Today we tell you about the inner essense that made us who we are today.