Proudly wearing H&M

Good morning sweethearts! Since we started our detox diet, we have to admit that every morning at 6:00 am we are up, full of energy and ready for work. So we said that today is a good day for a new post that announces our collaboration with H&M. Starting October we will have a photo shoot and a post dedicated to H&M, every month. It's a brand that we love, it is affordable and fashionable and this is the reason we never say no to an H&M item, especially when we talk about H&M Studio  and designer collections.

H&M’s fashion for women is the largest of the collections. It comprises everything from the latest must-haves to updated fashion classics. From casual daywear to amazing party dresses, via relaxed leisure separates, high performance sportswear and contemporary maternity apparel – it’s all in H&M stores waiting for you:)

Foto: Silvia Postolatiev
H&M Items: Black Top, Embelished Black Cap, Sequined Dress Studio Collection, Mickey Sneakers & Red Skirt



Desirèe D'Aloia said...

girls, you always look amazing!
beautiful outfits!

ruxandrabobleaga said...

You look great, girls! H&M is my fave store! ;)

Thuy Pham said...

great pictures, looking amazing!