Pentru ca PopCraciun

Nu stim daca te numeri sau nu printre cinefili, dar suntem convinse ca iti place sa mergi la film, asa-i? Pentru noi filmele sunt cea mai buna metoda de relaxare si intr-adevar experienta din cinematograf nu se compara cu absolut nimic. Anul trecut am ales ca intre Craciun si Revelion sa facem un maraton de filme la CinemaCity si am vazut mai mult de cinci filme la rand. Pauza de masa nu am mai facut pentru ca popcornul a venit la fix. A fost absolut genial si abia asteptam sa repetam experienta, de aceasta data cu si mai mult POPCORN. Zilele aceastea cum am vazut aplicatia CinemaCity PopCraciun am fost in extaz! Iti recomandam sa te inscrii si sa te relaxezi ALTFEL in aceastea vacanta de iarna!


Happy Holidays!

Hello, sugar cubes! Probably you are already on holiday, on your way to your parents house or still doing some shopping (good luck if the third option suits you). We are still at the office trying to finish the last details for the posts that will be publish on the blog this week, but still dreaming of hot chocolates, family time, warm blankets and Christmas cakes. Today we just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! And don't forget that today is the last day when you can subscribe for the last three contests we published last week.


The Christmas Sweater

This is the perfect time to talk to you guys about the importance of having a Christmas sweater in your wardrobe! A reindeer, a snow man and a Santa inspired outfit will instantly go out of style after 27th December, but we believe that we should all take advantage of this holiday and have fun. You can have a casual look if your wear them with jeans or you can be incredibly sophisticated if you match a Christmas sweater with a lace skirt or with a brocard pair of pants. Either way you will look fabulous! We found these two pretty items on where we also found our New Year's Eve party dresses. Just check it out!


Cool down before Christmas

Still at the office with your thoughts spinning out of control? Still thinking about how to/ what to/ to do lists? Take a deep breath and organize your thoughts. It's not as bad as it seems. It's just Christmas and as you know, the most important thing is to spend your time with the ones you love. So what you don't have all the presents yet, so what you couldn't find any hairstylist available for you these days, so what your house is still a mess. Just choose your thoughts instead of letting them run. We always cool down with a big cup of coffee and some last minute shopping. And we advise you to do the same. You can start this practice with Have fun! 


Unexpected Gift

Yes, we are counting down the days till Christmas, doing wish lists and dream about the perfect present. Sometimes too much dreaming hurts, so we like to be more pragmatic and practical, so we will let you choose your future gift. It's super easy and fun and believe us, you will find something you'd be mad for, for a long time. Along with QuickMobile we set-up a CONTEST. (yes, another one, because we want you to be happy, darlings in this month of joy and kindness)


H&M STUDIO SS2015 Collection

Spring spirit runs wild in the middle of December. Yes, we are dreaming of sun and we are counting the days till 1st of March. And with H&M Studio Collection 2015 we felt a little bit better. Colors, snake prints, light fabrics, golden details...a blast!


Draga Mos Craciun

2014 a fost un an fabulous de frumos. Suntem fericite si multumite de toate realizarile din acest an. Si pe plan sentimental si pe plan profesional. A fost un an cu multe plecari, multe proiecte, multe bariere depasite si multe vise implinite. Un an plin de oameni frumosi, evenimente deosebite si satisfactii cat sacul tau de mari. Si ce ne dorim de la tine? Sanatate si liniste si daca se poate (spiridusii tai spun ca ar fi posibil pentru ca am fost cuminti) te rugam sa treci prin casele fiecarei femei din Romania si sa lasi urmatoarele cadouri:


Revolutionary Beauty

Yves Saint Laurent has created a revolutionary new lip product, a 3 in 1 that has the intense color of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss and the long-wear of a stain. What could you want more? Through the years lipstick managed not only to change the way we see fashion, but it also influenced many cultures over the last centuries. Many civilizations implemented complex rituals and traditions surrounding lipstick and this product still plays a very important part in a woman's life.


Get Ready...

We know it seems easy and fun, but in the end it's quite hard to write your Christmas Wish List. You might be looking for a present for yourself, for your best friend, for your mother or for your boyfriend or husband or with no reason, just to make your holidays more beautiful than they used to be last year. Either way it is hard to find the perfect gifts. And because we wanna ease your job, here you have a 'Best Christmas Gifts' list to choose from. And in the end a CONTEST will be waiting  for you, our beloved readers!


Weekend Inspiration


Discover the STORY

We all love stories. We grew up with them and we still love to hear stories no matter how old we are...But what's even better than a story?! The photos, of course! Because even when we were little we loved the books with images and illustrations. They don't say for nothing that a photo worths 10000 words! It's totally true. We are leaving in the era of images&visuals: facebook, instagram and blogs. And today everything is about images and their impact! It's a competition of #bestphotooftheday every day. It'a all about capturing the moment in its best shape: easy, fast and perfect. We don't have time to waste and we wanna share the story with everyone as soon as possible.

When in London

Hello lovelies! Feeling happy already and counting the hours to leave the office as soon as possible?! Hahah! It's better not to keep track of time and try to get lost in any kind of activity to make time pass faster. Before going to a photo shoot for a brand we absolutely adore (we'll tell you more about it next week) we thought to share with you some shots we took during our last trip to London. Between meetings, dinners, coffees and long walks with our new friends, we said yes to these street style snapshots.


Bubble Gum Pink


Holiday Inspiration


Red Perfection

Bold! Red! Strong! Powerful! Resistant! These are the best ingredients for the perfect lipstick! Why red?? Because it's sexy, glamorous, feminine and looks amazing on every woman lips. Put a red lipstick and a pair of stilettos and you can rule the world! These are not only words this is just the bunch of experience we have which is speaking! And for the perfect lipstick you need the perfect dress, right?!

Vida Downtown Dubai

You might probably remember our visit to Dubai and the beautiful project we had with Arushi Bridal Couture, but we didn't have enough time to tell you more about the place we stayed in. It's called VIDA Downtown Dubai and the team of the hotel fetched and carried for us 24/7 during our stay there and they took care of us every single minute. But what you really need to know is that if you are looking for a wonderful place to book for your holiday or business trip this is IT. Believe us, we are quite pretentious, but this place was exactly what we needed to feel like two queens.



SUBLIMAGE… The ultimate and most precious skincare by CHANEL, a bestseller that concentrates all the values of excellence of the House and years of research on skin and natural active ingredients. SUBLIMAGE… A magical name that conveys nothing less than luxury and the finest performance. This dream cream’s powers are recognized by women all over the world.

Reincarnation by Karl Lagerfeld

Reincarnation’ is the title of the video-clip created and directed by Karl Lagerfeld to accompany the Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Métiers d'art collection to be shown on December 2nd 2014 in Salzburg. This new short film was the perfect opportunity for Karl Lagerfeld to develop an artistic collaboration with Pharrell Williams, a close friend of the House and personal friend of the designer. In fact, the artist composed and wrote the lyrics to ‘CC The World’, the original soundtrack for Reincarnation, and he also played one of the lead roles and will be, along with Cara Delevingne, the face of the upcoming campaign of the Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Métiers d'art collection.